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So I decided to make my site around my passions as reflected in my latest update. I made an attempt to start an online magazine a couple of years ago and just couldn’t keep up with it. I lost direction so many times I just stopped blogging and lost a desire for it. That site eventually turned into my brand ( where I offer my creative services and showcase experimental work. It helps pay rent so I can’t complain too much about what it turned into.

I signed up for this class to reignite that spark after I finished my time in the military and I like the momentum I have been picking up since I started. I now have a will to blog again and I feel like my content is actually worth something. I’ve made so many things that I just don’t feel confident about and I am going to use this blog to display and rebrand them.

Here is something I made a few months ago but literally only showed it to a handful of people. It is a fan edit I did for one of my favorite movies : aliens. It’s so intense at times it will give you anxiety kind of the same way midterms give you anxiety. Think of this as a reaction post because I feel terribly anxious today.


My first Photoshop Gif :D

Here is one of the GiF`s i made in class  on 9/14/17 yeah i know  its late 🙁

Well making this gif in photoshop was new to me but the process is relatively straight forward. It is much more better than using websites like giphy due to the fact that in photoshop you are given a huge amount of more creative freedom resulting in much more creative gifs.

p.s. i know my gif isnt that creative but it plays the pics in reverse order in the middle of the animation

-Michael Ramoutar

New year,new theme?

So Rosh Hashana has just passed by,(the Jewish new year) and for today’s post I want to start off with sharing one of my original song I’ve composed back in 2013.

It’s still one of my favorites to play.

Why not start of the new year with some music right?

I knew you’d like that idea too! 😀

Well,here you go then.

Enjoy my original song “where stars align” below.

Thanks for listening!

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Fate of the Furious Gif


I never knew how to create a Gif.  If I had known that it was so easy and fun, I would’ve done this earlier.  I didn’t really know exactly what I was doing, so I just started experimenting with different videos. Most of the videos that I tried didn’t work for me on Imgur so that was a little annoying. I was happy with the one that I created, I think its funny

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