First Day of CT101

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I missed the very first day of class,thus resulting in me speaking to my classmate pretending to know what’s going on.

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After roughly 40 minutes into class and paying close attention, I was financially able to be in tune with the rest of the class. It was like a great awakening!

Note to self; first day of class is fairly important!

Glam and Beauty


Feeling confident, beautiful and powerful is what makes me satisfied. I love buying beauty products to make the skin better, such as face masks, facial cleansers and creams. Having a clear canvas may make it easier to apply makeup products and will make foundations look smoother. I also enjoy buying makeup products and creating new looks. I love foundations, highlighters, lipsticks, contouring and eyeshadow pallets. Glam looks are one of my favorites and makes me feel beautiful. I also enjoy going to the nail salon and glamming up my nails by putting gems and trying out different nail polishes. 

What Makes Me Happy On The Internet


There are many things that make me happy on the Internet and one of them is watching videos on YouTube. I can always count on YouTube to make me happy, sad, and excited. I especially love watching my favorite K-pop idols perform. I can watch the same videos of them million times and never get bored.

⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈MY HAPPINESS ⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈⇈

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