Vaporwave: I tried

After watching a video on the brief history of vaporwave, I followed the step-by-step Vaporarts 101: Visual Aesthetics Photoshop Tutorial. I really don’t know if I was on the right track or not, but this was my end result.


According to Aesthetic Wiki: Vaporwave, “imagery associated with vaporwave includes glitch art, Renaissance sculptures, ’90s web design, outmoded computer renderings and classic cyberpunk aesthetics. Use of Japanese characters and other non western writing systems is also prominent.” I don’t know how to add music, so I just worked on the art portion.

I started out with a simple image of an individual I photographed last year. 11168004_10153194592160609_3124054003572767573_n

I cut out the background in Photoshop then followed the video tutorial in duplicating layers and creating a symmetrical image of this guy seemingly processing information with his hand on his forehead. I remember at the time of the photo, he was actually studying and I considered creating something around the theme of “knowledge is power,” which is exactly what the Japanese characters on the image state (I used Google Translate.) I searched Google for some PNG images of books and personal electronics, some of the ways in which people get information. I added some low poly computer renderings of birds flying out of the books’ pages up to his ears, symbolizing pigeons that were once used as messengers, sources of information. There’s also an image of the earth and dollar signs which could symbolize power. We’ve got the 1990s Windows Start button as well as a random Renaissance sculpture. I then overlayed the image with two types of VHS screens in Photoshop…

The first (turned vertically) gave me that dark to light gradient.

The second gave the more visible horizontal discoloration.

After putting the image together by following the tutorial, I downloaded the Glitch! app on my Android phone, transferred the image there, then played with various glitches before ending with this one.


Tattoos 4 Life

Being a Libra and carrying the same personality is a fortune worth of bet. Libra = Balance, Peacefulness. I am exactly what my sign says. My personality is very calm and composed. A huge introvert and trying to conquer the world with actions than just words. Doing this assignment was super interesting because it actually makes you think of the words to describe your personality and character in a dense context.


I figured that I am what my zodiac symbolizes. Buddha is a perfect example of what my character is like and I am very much in terms with it.

Playing With Different Photo Apps












I played around with a couple apps from Color Pop, Prisma, ImgPlay
and GifX in the app store. Most are photo editors and others are like gif creators.

I created the Gif using the photo editing apps Prisma, GifX  and use IMGplay to make it a Gif to get this outcome. I had a lot of fun creating these and had some great feedback. GifX is like a video layer which created the motion in the gif of the girl in a field . It felt like a dream sequence and this is why I chose it. I played with the filters in Prisma to create the first  I like the aesthetic of it. The first photo filter is called Paper Ar.

I chose both themes based off me watching The Twilight Zone and I wanted it to be a bit “off” or maybe creepy as my mom says. What’s creepier than a porcelain doll ? Through tedious work I finally uploaded my Gif ! I had to upload it to and paste the link into the post and Look my creation !

The last picture is the original photo!