Is meme an ART?

Well, Memes or ME-Me, they are our 2 am single life swipes that make us giggle for a few seconds and on to the next swipe for funnier ones. With Pepe the frog to whatever that is trendy now. while the question was asked in class “Are memes Art?” with everyone’s hands going up. I was the only person who said it wasn’t meanwhile in my head all sorts of memes were going on.

does it make sense? LOL guys no hate I’m no meme god but it’s my creation.

but still not An Art!
trust me

Okay, I’ll stop. but here are some true artists.

What’s your Hotline meme?


you can hear this (Ahem*PPAP*)

When you have no clue whats a hybrid class.



Assignment #1- Internet Happy

The Good Advice Cupcake!

It is an animated cupcake named ‘Cuppy’ it makes me happy every time I watch her from social media, she is sweet, funny and optimistic, she tries to offer life advice and daily motivation. The character  Cuppy has a job as a naked ice cream taster, naps through house fires, and is close friends with a cookie, but getting through life and making the best of it is a universal experience. “Maybe your job is a little less delicious and your friend isn’t even edible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relate to a very helpful, talking cupcake.” I enjoy watching her a lot and I think you would too.

Here are some life lessons Cuppy shares: thegoodadvicecupcake
You should love the body you’re in, whether you’re a cupcake, muffin, eclair, or just a regular ole’ human.

Also, here is a video of Cuppy and her friend Cookie:


Internet Happiness!

This week while surfing the world wide web I ran into an old movie (well not so old for me but fairly new). Kill Bill came out October 10th, 2003, and at this time I was about 5 years old.I was just looking for something to watch, and then it was right there in front of my face where to look.

SOCIAL MEDIA OF COURSE!!!!!!  So social media surfing I go, and Facebook is where I found a list of MUST SEE movies.

So as I am surfing  and  looking  to  see  what  looks  good  to  watch I come  across  the  KILL  BILL  movie.

Looooooooonnngggg story short there was a scene that really caught my attention with the character Elle Driver. She is whistling a tune that I am familiar with. I realize that someone took that little snippet with her whistling and mad it into a long that I used to listen to.

When putting 2 and 2 together I realize that this movie was the inspiration to that song, and both were good.




Another Me

I woke up this morning and decided to dress for the weather, I found my favorite tan-ish turtle neck, a pair of blue ripped jeans and dirty white converse.

I tucked my braids behind my ear grabbed my bag and left the house. On my way to school I felt someone following me but every time I turned around they were gone.

I didn’t think anything of it and continued on my way. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was someone right behind me but after too many times of turning around to nothing I decided to let it go.

“You’re just being paranoid Amanda” I told myself. “There’s nothing there, Halloween is coming up and you’re just freaking yourself out” I convinced myself.

It worked, I was beginning to calm down and then I saw her.. braids tucked behind her ear, tan-ish turtle neck, blue jeans and dirty converse. It was like looking in a mirror only I wasn’t looking in a mirror. She was there, looking at me.. waiting for me to say something. So I did.

What do you say to .. well .. you? I took a deep breath, looked her in the eyes and said “nice shirt”.



Crazy Panoramic Project- Assignment 4


This is what I like to call villainy at its finest. In the above image, you can see four super villains attempting to telepathically push four innocent civilians off a railing. Beware!

Just kidding! There are no super villains on the loose………that I am aware of.

No. What the first image portrays is a lovely panoramic photo attempt by my group mates and I. It was easy to do and fun, but we also had to redo it multiple times because………someone…….. kept moving.

Haha! No, I am kidding again! We just couldn’t get it right, but I think we are all happy with the finished result. The actual photo was very fun to make. The idea itself was difficult to come up with because we all had so many great ideas. From pretending to be confused to time travel. This group thought of it all.

Now, let me take you though the process of taking a panoramic photo. We had someone standing nearby with the panoramic setting on the camera. We posed a certain way until half the photo was taken then, we ran BEHIND the photographer and posed a different way. This gives the impression that we were in two places at once.


This project was so much fun and I cannot wait to try it with my friends!