About the Gif

Superbowl Sunday just passed and while watching it i ran across a funny commercial therefore me and my partner decided to create a gif with it. We needed to learn how to take part of a video to create a gif and how to write on the gif to help others understand the reactions. Hopefully we can do about 5 more of these assignments just so that its carved into our brains because if we are following in the paths of advertisement, these skills will be useful.


Blind date

My first Post

When I was younger I love to take photography, taking pictures and remembering the moments when the pictures are taken is very valuable to me. Then I started using Photoshop to make a T mobile commercial for my computer class in high school, that was a very fun experience. As I got into a more advanced computer class in high school we started using Poser 7 to create short animations, I couldn’t really get how that works but I still managed to make a 30 second short animation. I’m most interested and comfortable in Photoshop because I had some previous experience of that and it amazed me how real the picture is after being photoshopped. I’m not familiar with making GIFS and I want to learn how to make them because it seems very fun and entertaining. DSC00179

I took this picture when I was at vacation and I am amazed at how the colors blend together very well I love photography.