How I Feel About CT101 4 Weeks Later

On the first day of class, I was really nervous. I did not know what to expect!

nervous raven raven symone chewing gum

After Ryan introduced himself and explained his expectation from us, students, I immediately felt relief.

glee reactions sigh relief dreamy

As I reviewed the syllabus I thought to myself…

Uploading my first GIF I had a certain feeling of cool-ness…


As the weeks go by I am loving CT101 more and more. I am excited to see how much I progress in storytelling.

Netflix Suggestions for your lonesome Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is almost over and, for most people, their night will consist of Netflix without the chill. For the best night of self indulging and reminiscing, watch the following two Netflix movies.

Lila and Eve
This suspenseful tale of vengeance for a grieving mother is perfect for an emotional thrill. When our mother finds the perfect mentor at a women’s healing center, she beings to search for answers on her son’s murder. Fighting crime on the dirty streets along with her inner demons makes for a great action drama film.

Like Sunday like Rain
A touching tale of a brilliant boy and young woman will fiddle at the heart strings and get the mind flowing in symbolism. After a bad break up and getting fired from her job, Elanor becomes an in home nanny for the rich but emotionally separated boy, Reggie. The brief month spent together allows them to learn more about each other and themselves. Reggie’s diverse knowledge and Elanor’s interpersonal skills makes each interacting meaningful.

Tell me what you thought! Is it 4 star worthy? Comment below