How to add ‘Instagram Feed’ plugin to your Word Press website

You can add your Instagram feed easily, through installing ‘Instagram Feed’ to your Word Press website. This Youtube video shows how you can install this plugin.  There are few steps to installing this customizable plugin to display your Instagram profile on your website.

  1. Hover over Plugins in the toolbar > then click ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘ Instagram Feed’ (by Smash Balloon) > Click install > Click Activate.
  3. Then  click ‘Instagram Feed’ on the toolbar > then click on the blue button that reads ‘+Connect an Instagram account. > enter your username and password > Click ‘Authorize’
  4.   You’ll then see your profile picture & username appear below the blue connect button > click the gray colored button ‘Add to another feed’ > Copy the first shortcode that appears.
  5. Then on the toolbar hover over ‘Appearance’ > click on ‘Widgets’ > Click on ‘Text’>Click  ‘Add Widget’7. Then this will appear on the right. 8. You will then paste your shortcode in the text space and press ‘Save’ 9.You can then go to the Customize tab found when you click on the ‘Instagram Feed’ on  the toolbar. You are able to change the numbers of rows and columns you want to appear as well as the background color of your IG feed.  It should look something like this>> Y’all got this!

Sharing your Website’s URL!

Here we are 3 plus weeks into being the proud owners of a shiny new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion!

Its time to share your website’s URL here! Simply leave a comment with your website address and press the Post Comment button!

Why are we doing this?

Well, to share our development and process of course! Maybe your classmates and peers missed your final post on because they are busy posting and working primarily on their own websites.

Let us share where we are at! This is mandatory!


Tips on Personalizing Your NEW Site!


Dear CT101 Students,

Welcome to the world of “total control of your very own website! ”

Exciting indeed! Professor Smith and I realize that this can be a bit overwhelming so we wanted to share some insights and tips.

First and foremost, be generous with yourself in the process. We understand that this is a new experience and new skills take time to develop. You must however practice! Practice meaning, testing, and more testing to see how things work, to get contrast, ask questions and make decisions. We promise that you wont break the internet 🙂

Read this wordpress customization info to get your feet wet


Most of you noticed that your wordpress site comes with a “default theme” if you chose to work with that, thats OK, but lets make it AWESOME! You can begin by searching for tutorials about your theme online. Youtube has TONS!

Not sure what theme you have? In your dashboard look under the section of Appearance –> Themes – here it will tell you what theme is active. You will also see an option to “ADD NEW” – this means that you can discover and search for other themes. There are TONS of FREE themes! And, you can LIVE TEST them all! FUN!

It may take applying 4 or 5 or 10 in order to find what you really like, and how it will compliment the content that you will be adding to your blog. This is a fun process and you can change things as often as you would like.

Heck, you can even write a blog post about trying out 10 themes and what you learned in the process! This week I will be going over more if this in my section.


Site is up. My thoughts going forward.

Ok, so I made my website. I’m feeling kind of frazzled, to be honest. This whole business of keeping up a website, though kind of lenient, seems to be a difficult thing to balance between my other work. Now, it may just be me, but it is a factor to consider. Still, it would be a waste to not give it a try.

That’s the spir- Er, you got this.


Anyway, I can’t to start making posts to my site and give it some flare.

is that weird of me to say? Ah, who cares?

P.s website: click here


One specific piece of writing that stood out to me from the exercise we did during the first day of class was ” The second learning objective allows you to express yourself, through an online identity. A digital identity is how one can portray themselves, through technology, and through various types of social media. Sites such as Tumblr, Youtube, and Facebook are all places where people can create a digital identity.  Digital identities allow you to showcase whatever talent that you want to share with the world, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a talent, it can be thoughts, feelings or even a collection of things you like displayed through an online profile. ” I decided to choose this specific post because I can agree and relate to using social media to express myself. I use social media on a daily basis to keep up to date with my friends and family. I personally use Instagram to post my pics for my followers to view. When I post up my pictures on Instagram I am sharing it with my friends , and this is a creation of a digital identity. The benefit of creating a digital identity allows people to post anything they wish to share with others. Having a digital identity is similar to being an author of a book you can write whatever you feel like and people will read it if they are interested in the piece. This quote relates to me in terms of whats most important in this class because we the students will be creating our very own digital identities using word press and other tools. This class will allows us to explore and  express ourselves through writings , posts, and images to share with the public.