This Is Najeebah’s Internet Happiness

Various things make me happy on the internet, such as funny videos, artistic works, memes, music, the beautiful scenery of nature and travel photos, etc.
In this post, I choose to focus on two things out of the many things that make me happy on the internet.


Fashion is a form of self-expression which expresses one’s attitudes or personality without verbal expression. Fashion trends are constantly changing, which makes it thrilling and is everywhere from celebrities outfits, fashion magazine like Vogue to watching videos and images on fashion week.

Even though I love watching fashion trends, I, however, do not follow them as they are short-lived, I invest in style. Style is unique, personal, and is timeless. I love online shopping as I see a ray of different clothing and accessories that I can incorporate in my outfit at a click of a button. This makes me happy as not just a form of expression, but also affecting my overall mood of feeling good.


 Anime fills me with a range of emotions because I can relate to the characters development, emotions, complex stories in relationships, and their life. Occasionally, I will look at fan art, memes, and read manga based on the anime I watch. Overall, anime makes me happy as there is imagination mix with reality which makes life more interesting than just dull reality. This could be a reason why I’m also fascinated by Greek mythology, astrology, and conspiracy theories.

Dank Videos That Make Me Happy

Hello fellow 2019 Fall students. I want to start by giving a brief introduction to myself. My name is Ricardo Deodutt and I am a computer science major with a CT minor.

There are a lot of things that make me happy on the internet. I love games, music, and surfing the internet for funny content. This video below me by far is making me happy. I found this video while surfing through Twitter.

(Video is loud)

This  GIF  below  sums  up  my  reaction  to  that  video.

I honestly thought this video was going to be a next viral trend like the water bottle flip challenge.

What is making me happy

Travel Exploration and Film in that tall order are what gets me going; as far back as i can remember these two, have always allowed me to feel at ease. Even as a child, I’ve always love to explore new places and watching my old man off to sail the seas, and return with loads of treasure for me to play with, made it even more exhilarating.  Followed by film, oh man, what can say, the creative process that goes into making films, documentaries, or even vloging  continues to feed my addiction and overactive imagination.

take for instance my bodies Sponge bob and Patrick like just looking at this give me me pure joy..

Followed by these two characters Damon and Jo, who are bff’s, that are alos  business partners who create content and inspire people to just  travel. Here is peak into there blog that also depicts further into there lives. travel blog | shut up and go:

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Happiness all around by Hastride

In the second week of my Digital Storytelling class, I was asked to think and blog about things that makes me happy. Particularly, what exists in the internet that brings me joy. Well, it was hard to think of one specific thing. So I want to list a few. To begin with, Google and all it’s products always bring a smile to my face. I have been using Google Drive, Docs, Photos, Maps, and Gmail for ages now and I just couldn’t imagine life without them. They are life savers, especially when it comes to the Drive. I lost a very expensive phone about 3 months ago and thought I lost all my information that I saved on that smartphone. Fortunately, all my notes and important documents were save to the drive and was able to transfer most information from my old smartphone to my currently new smartphone, which was a huge relief and made me so happy.  Another phenomenon about the internet that makes me happy is the site Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary is the funniest site I’ve ever come across and the user’s definitions are just plain hilarious and always leave me speechless. Plus, I would totally recommended this site to the serious A+ student looking for fancy words to use on their college admission essay, the essay would be a big hit….allegedly. The third thing from the internet that brings joy to me is Youtube in general. YouTube literally has a video on everything you can ever think of. I am usually on YouTube to watch funny videos, music videos or catching up on some of my favorite Youtuber’s contents. Now when I leave the virtual world behind and come to reality, I am usually going to work then straight to school. My job is fun but saying it always makes happy would be a big lie, school on the other hand, makes me happy. I finally found something I love, programming computers and studying commutations technology, and that is something that will always make me happy. Even making this blog post makes me happy and doesn’t feel exhausting at all. When I am at home, chatting with my parents and brothers makes me extremely happy. I also enjoy watching WWE with my mom, it’s her favorite show, and she thinks the show is actually real and not scripted. The shows I enjoy and watch by myself are mostly on MTV, for example, Wild ‘N Out. When I am not catching up on my favorite TV shows, I am usually writing poetry. Poetry has always been something that I’ve enjoyed since High School and has really help me love writing in general. Last but not least, my favorite thing out of all of the above mentioned is SLEEPING! Whether it’s taking a nap during the day, snoozing my alarm for the 5th time, or sleeping all day on the weekends, I love it all and love everything that has to do with sleeping. I know this phrase is so over used in every social media sites and is very cliche, but “sleeping is my hobby”, and I know you’re also rolling your eyes because I said that but I sadly don’t care lol. Now enjoy this a GIF that expresses my mood after a good sleep.

Things that make me happy?

Okay, here it goes…

lets start with the Hit television show  we all know as Friends.

Yes Friends make me happy. I can watch it day and night. I can watch it when I eat,sleep and even when I shower. OK, maybe i was kidding on the last two, but you get the idea 😀

The next thing that makes me happy is R5. They have been my favorite band since September 2012. (they have formed in the year 2009 by the way)

I love their silliness…

and how kindhearted they all are to each other and the people around them.

On June 10,2014 I have went to their concert in NYC and to be honest,it still makes me happy when I think about  it till this very day 🙂 That experience I will remember for a lifetime!

They have grown so much over the years and have taught me so much,but the best part that I get to say when it will be time to say goodbye would be that, I was glad to experience it all from the very beginning.