Having one’s Own Domain? Sounds Interesting.

Anyone would like a domain of their own. It is something that you can decorate and edit to express you and post things that you like, your ideas, and creativity that you contain. Having your own domain gives you the ability of self expression and for other uses such as professional use. I believe other people create their own domain because it is their own space in the internet, their own opinion and self-expression. Other use their own domain for jobs so other people can see their work and what they can do online. I checked out the site https://instantdomainsearch.com/ and if I were to have my own domain, the name would be www.Kiwiwiwi.com, if it was available of course. It isn’t based on my real name but characters I work on privately. I would choose this name and post things containing Kiwi and Wiwi. Though it is a silly name, I find it having a bit of an adorable aspect to it.