The thing we call Social Media.

The social media I use are Facebook and Instagram . The way I use them are different, I use Facebook to keep up with old friends, especially people I knew in high school and family in different countries, while Instagram I use it to post current pictures, quotes and engage with different people and socialize. Both my Facebook and Instagram are private just cause I know there are people out there that just wants to be nosy, so I rather have the power of deciding who’s friends request I accept especially on Facebook. With Instagram I don’t really care much of who follows me just cause its not really meant to have conversation, its more about posting what interests you while Facebook I’ve always been private with it and just mostly focus more on having people I know as my friends on it. When I was younger I never thought of social media being so bad but as I grew up I realize how dangerous it could get, reading Danah Boyd’s blog just prove my thinking more of how crazy social media can be.

Social Media Choices

I have a few engagements in social media. I mostly use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. All of these accounts are used just a little differently. My Facebook is more for keeping close with my friends from high school or even junior high school and a bit of family. Twitter is used for following mostly game companies and a few celebrities that I am interested in. Also looking through trending topics are very useful to see what people deem important. My tumblr is basically my interests account. I’ll follow anything that interests me from games, anime, music artists, celebrities and even tv shows. Tumblr is also a great source to find amateur design artists. My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all private. I do this because those social media there is some information I post that I only want my friends to see, especially my instagram. Tumblr nobody knows me beside my created name. I choose these decisions by what the site if for. Finding out the purpose of said site should always be looked over.

Looking over the link, I’ve already known about people being able to search for names in search engines. It does not change my mind either way. I myself googled my name and there were other people that had the same exact spelling of my name. But am I apart of the google search I have no idea. I’m certainly not on the first page. Is it frightening of course, but it’s the internet. Not everything can be kept private. The best thing that can be done like the writer said is make an identity on the internet how you would in everyday life.

Social Media Engagement

I personally use Facebook and have 3 accounts and created 1 page. All three of my accounts are private and there is one account that I added no one and my use for it is to upload private images that I want no one to see but images that I want to keep forever instead of using a USB or keeping on my computer because I find using those unreliable because I lose USBs and I’m worried that my computer will crash which it has previously 4 times. I use my main account to interact and stay connected with old friends but it is also private. My third account I used for Facebook games. I also have an Instagram that I only posts pics of myself and no one else because of my over-protective family.  This Instagram account is public. I have read Danah Boyd’s  “controlling your public appearance”, and I understand what she means. I wouldn’t want to be found on google but then again I only post things that aren’t inappropriate that will affect my future job or worry my family. My private Facebook account cannot be found when you search it on google.



I previously had a youtube account that I made AMVs. I created about 50 AMVs but then at one point in my life I just deleted them all and only uploaded 2 videos that I drew because I wanted the youtube account to be more about my drawings even though I only created two and I don’t really mind if they are a hit or not, I just like how it is available for me to link some of my friends in. I also have a Google plus account that I only use to log in onto youtube so there isn’t much use for my Google account. I don’t upload images of me on my Google plus account, instead I use animated images.

My Youtube account: