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The most interesting work I’ve done so far in this class is learning how to create a GIF. I found it very interesting because my friends send me texts using GIF’s all the time. It is SOO ANNOYING when I cannot find a GIF to express what I feel or want to say. I’m pleased I can now do that. We have not done anything yet in this classed that I’ve disliked. I enjoy learning new things.

Things that I have experienced so far in my life inspires me to create work. I feel everybody’s experience in life can create beautiful work. This course is very different from my other classes. I am a journalism major, so every story is being told using pen and paper. In CT 101, I can use digital images to express what pen and paper cannot.

Honestly, I’m behind on a few posts. Looking at my progress check-in form, I noticed I was behind on posts, but only by a couple. Something I can easily catch up on (thumbs up). Missing a few posts has gave me the opportunity to reflect on many things that has been happening these past few weeks. I have TONS of things I will be sharing in the next few days on my website . 🙂


The most interesting work I have done so far in the class is create a GIF, at first I was having so much problems creating one then I accomplished doing one, it was quite amazing. Even though creating GIF has been a project, it’s still a bit shaky for me but I’m trying to get better at it. I think being able to know the background of creating cartoons would be pretty cool. I think just posting things that interest me and writing about it would of be great cause I feel I would be more active. What makes this course difficult compared to other traditional courses is that we don’t have a set of rules to follow, and basically can pick and choose what we want to do. It’s great to be allowed to be creative and do what you want but at times it might get difficult because you might not know what exactly to do, the fact there’s not much of a rule to follow. What makes the course easy is that you are not being judge by what you upload, it is all about what interest you. I think I’m not where I want to be in the class, but I know I can get to where I want and I must start to work towards that. My motivation will be getting a good grade in the class, learning to be more creative and taking advantage of the class.


The most interesting work that I have completed so far for this course has to be the creation of a GIF image. As a kid, I would see GIF images online and be fascinated at how something other than a video can be in motion. Creating one allowed me to see how it is possible and how something that appeared strange to me, came to be. The least interesting project would have to have been the printing and pasting of images together into one piece. I definitely enjoyed the assignment and in no way disliked it, I just found it to be least interesting as I have done work of the same nature before so it wasn’t something new to me. Things such as news on wars, basketball coverage, and cars would surely inspire me to create work, reflect on it and post on it as it is all stuff that I can be surrounded by and not once want to escape it. These are also things I like to believe I have good knowledge on and don’t mind sharing it with others. In comparison to traditional courses, this course is more difficult because there is much less class time dedicated to the completion of work leaving a large part of it to be done at home. Problems with this include easily being distracted when on the web, poor time management not allowing for sufficient time planning of work and technical malfunctions which can prevent the work from being completed. Everything has both pros and cons(except water) and pros to this type of course include being able to access virtually anywhere, complete work whenever a free moment presents itself as well as more time to study up on work if at home doing it. In terms of the class, I don’t see myself exactly where I want to be to state the least. I want to be at the “A” category and know that work has to be done! In order to get there, the motivating factor for me will mainly be points. I understand that a point range exists in which the grade of “A” is issued, therefore I want to be in that range by completing all assignments and picking up 100% where I left off on.