ds106 Assignment 1



I chose this assignment because I’m used to editing photos with Color Splash from when I was in high school. People used to ask me to edit their pictures and wanted me to add their favorite color to it. Even though I mostly use it to edit pictures of people, I highly enjoy using Color Splash. I’m always open to experimenting with whatever I could do to make it better.

Here is the link to the assignment:


The Darkness In Our Eyes

For the DS106 assignment Can You See What I See I ended up using a picture of someone who was crying or feeling pain and tinted it red while making the shadows of the picture darker to express anger and pain. I also took this from of eye called Geass from Lelouch’s character in the anime Code Geass and added it to the woman’s eye while reducing the opacity in order to project the darkness in the reflection of her eyes.Geass Ds106

The Mario Bunch

For my first DS106 assignment I decided to take the infamous Brady Bunch image that we all know and love and completely transform it using Photoshop. I made this image Mario kart themed representing all of the standard racers and crossing out part of the logo and replacing it with Mario. There were two main inspirations that went behind the coloring of the background and the characters. One inspiration was the track Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 and another was a Grand Theft Auto Vice City style of text. As my first Photoshop made image I am happy with the result. maxresdefault (2)

DS106 First Assignment

This weeks assignment was to choose a DS106 assignment and try to recreate it. I chose this assignmment called Spalsh The Color which I had to basically choose a picture and use Color Splash to isolate one color from the picture while everything else was in a pure black and white color scale.

The original picture was this one.

Photo Feb 04, 9 29 05 PM

I then used Google to try to find a free website that would allow me to use Color Splash to try to isolate a color, in which I chose the strawberry from my birthday cake. The end result is shown in the picture below.

Photo Feb 04, 9 29 05 PM1

This looks pretty cool in my opinion, and was a great starting project to do! If you need help finding a DS106 assignment to do. I highly recommend this one especially since its so easy to do with this website.

Purple World

2015-09-12 22.38.01

The visual assignment “Color Changer” asked me to change the hue of a picture and post it to flickr. I chose to use a picture I took this summer of Dippy the dipolodocus. This statue stands outside of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/134394734@N05/21183285840/in/dateposted-public/