Asking Twitter Questions..

CT101 Students, Having trouble solving issues with your wordpress themes? Its a common part of our process here in CT101, but there is hope! TWITTER! Thats right, twitter is an excellent resource for troubleshooting, making new tech friends and solving individual specific problems. (Yes, it will take a little effort on your part.) When we… Continue reading Asking Twitter Questions..

How Kanye Really Feels

The Grammys took place on February 8th and felt more like a concert rather than a accolade of artistic excellence. When it came down to the album of the year award,artist Beck surprised audiences around the globe when he beat fellow nominees  Beyonce, and Sam Smith. When walking onstage to accept his award Beck was… Continue reading How Kanye Really Feels

Turns out the Moms are Ebola Zombies

Trends · Change #NYCC #Ebola #My1DWWAFilm #StealMyGirlVideo SATs #BinderCon Happy National Coming Out Day Malala Halloween Stark Vegas *Here I write a poem dedicated to the technique called Tanka*                          Turns out the Moms are Ebola Zombies I was trying to go to #NYCC […]

I Just Turned 1

A little FYI I just turned 1 on twitter, I never had this experience before and wanted to share it. I normally forget my password which is why I never made it. Find me on twitter if you would like @spoonofsuga, cute name right? Well, that would’ve been my domain name if I didn’t lose […]

YT University and IG Confinement

The social media networks I use everyday, religiously, are Youtube, and Instagram. I also have a Google+, and Twitter account, but I never use them. I honestly can not figure out how Google+ works. Back in 2010, I deactivated my Facebook account. Maintaining a Facebook account, and being a freshman in college was not easy… Continue reading YT University and IG Confinement

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