This is my first DS106 assignment it’s called Say It Like The Peanut Butter, Where I had to pick a scene from my favorite movie, a major scene. I had to put very little movement into the gif also. This is a scene from Juice starring Tupac (Bishop) and Omar Epps (Q). Bishop started killing off all his friends when he first touched a gun and didn’t want to give is back.

This scene is at school where Bishop hadn’t seen Q in a while, Q was trying to stay away from Bishop because he felt he’d gone crazy. Bishop scared Q with a “wassup”(hiding behind Q’s locker) followed by a conversation where Bishop confirmed he was crazy and let Q know he “didn’t give a f*ck” about anything, and that he was the one that Q should be worried about.

In my opinion, this was one of the best scenes in Tupac’s acting career also the best movie he’d ever done.