Halcyon Days

Imagery has always played a large factor in my life, and in the past years, social media has played a large factor in handing out this imagery. I am a sucker for aesthetics. I love all soft, faded, pretty things. I love foggy photos, sunny photos, photos where you can physically feel the scenery through your screen. I am a lover of written word that emits these visuals as well; the mixture of prose and photos is what I strive to see and strive to create.

For me, the best place to get all of these things is a social media site called Tumblr. This site is the stomping ground for all kinds of people, though I’ve found myself with an artist’s dashboard. I scroll past a mixture of beautifully taken photos, whimsical poetry and portions of classic literature on a daily basis (along with the ever invasive meme and cheesy joke). All of these things find their way onto my blog. Through each post, a bit of my personality and interests can be shown. My thoughts and feelings are quite transparent here; my blog is a look into me and my mind. I have more that one blog, but the one that I’ve embedded below is the blog that I feel most proud of. It is a place where I’ve used mostly photography and word to display how I feel at any given time.

Tumblr, as a whole, makes me as happy as something untouchable can. I am inspired and moved by my surroundings, and Tumblr is a way to bring a comforting ‘environment’ with me wherever I go.

I will always encourage anyone and everyone to create a blog on Tumblr. There are thousands of different Tumblr communities, meaning that everyone can customize and find their place on the site. While my blog is a breeding ground for art, another blog may be purely dedicated to a certain book or movie, or even dedicated to spreading all kinds of happy. Either way, there’s a place for everyone, and everyone has a place.

A visit to LIU’s MFA program is making me happy

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of visiting Ryan Seslow’s class in New Media Arts to discuss my work with his MFA students. It was a great group and we discussed a lot of the issues around being an artist and how to make decisions about putting work up on the web. It was pretty free wheeling, we talked about Andy Baio, the Dancing Baby, and lots about creative commons licensing (which I use extensively). And it would have been interesting to talk about the Late Show’s use of remix work posted on reddit.

But I think what’s making me most happy was learning how to capture screencasts on my iPhone! I was able to give a quick demo of the processes I use to create a variety of glitch aesthetic GIFs which I primarily post to my Tumblr. I revisited the tutorial with my motion graphics class yesterday and this time recorded it and posted it:

My experience with tumblr

I was inspired by Michael Brason Smith Jaws picture, with the tiles changing. His tumblr is cinemosiac. Today is the day I have actually made a tumblr account. My tumblr account is http://sofathera.tumblr.com.I played around with it by making four different tiles in one. I’m thinking of leaving it anonymous for now but hopefully I’ll get addicted to it and personalized it. I’m just getting started with this account and then I’ll post more blogs. In the beginning it’s hard to get used to a new site. Eventually it will become easier and fun.  Here is a picture of a child smiling from giphy.com. I’m actually happy that I learned something new today. I get bored easily by performing the same task.

Archiving Through Tumblr

  In a sense, I have been practicing archiving for a little over four years now through the blogging website, Tumblr. I don’t post any original content of my own so my blog consists of purely things that I’ve “reblogged” from other people that I follow on the site. It is literally a collection of […]



In a sense, I have been practicing archiving for a little over four years now through the blogging website, Tumblr. I don’t post any original content of my own so my blog consists of purely things that I’ve “reblogged” from other people that I follow on the site. It is literally a collection of things that appeal to me, that have been created and produced by other people. I usually browse through my own blog whenever I’m looking for inspiration/content for a project. I do also partake in bookmarking certain web pages that have content that I’d like to reference back to.

I chose the above gif from my Tumblr archive because I believe it describes my blog pretty well, artistically and metaphorically speaking. There are times where I’ll be inactive for a few days which represents the calm after the colorful burst, but when I start posting again, I reblog tons of images and gifs in a short period of time which is represented by the colorful burst, itself. My Tumblr is the epitome of everything I’m interested in and like, in terms of visual stimuli.

I also like the fact that this gif is looped very cleanly and can be viewed as anything from space or an eye.

YT University and IG Confinement

The social media networks I use everyday, religiously, are Youtube, and Instagram. I also have a Google+, and Twitter account, but I never use them. I honestly can not figure out how Google+ works. Back in 2010, I deactivated my Facebook account. Maintaining a Facebook account, and being a freshman in college was not easy work. Plus, Facebook gets everyone into trouble.

My Youtube account, and Instagram account are used in two totally different ways. On Youtube I watch a variety of things. I use it to watch vlogs, tutorials, reviews, music videos, comedy skits, relaxation videos (ASMR), and I sometimes come across a laughing baby. No one has my Youtube information, I do not upload videos, and it’s not even my real name. It is purely used for educational, and entertainment purposes. Instagram is a different story. Instagram really is an addiction. You may not post everyday, but you are definitely on it everyday. I have not logged out since I downloaded the app. Instagram is the ultimate “Let me be nosey” app.  My Instagram is public, but it is also not under my real name. Your Instagram handle is something you give out freely (@_geniuschild). I have met friends on Instagram, and reconnected with old ones; however, you can also lose friends over Instagram, it’s called “Unfollow.”

On both accounts I am pretty careful with what I comment, and post. Even though on Youtube no ones knows it is me, I keep my negative comments to myself. On Instagram my posts are either funny, serious, artsy, photos of Bob Marley, photos of outings, or an occasional “selfie.”

“Controlling Your Public Appearance” by Danah Boyd, does not make me change my thoughts of how I use social media. I do not post anything that can cause me to lose a job, or a potential job. When my name is searched everything that is seen is volleyball related. However, if my Instagram were under my name, and my pictures were to appear, the person searching my name would know: I am humorous but sometimes serious, artistic, a lover of Bob Marley, who rarely goes out, and posts “selfies” once a month.