How fast is your internet speed

For the past couple of weeks I have been having really bad internet connection and I was wondering if it was the CT101 site or my own internet. I spoke to Professor Smith and he told me to run a speed test to see which one it is. So I did just that and found some interesting results.

I ran two tests, one of them was in the afternoon when no one was home and another was when all my family members was home and on the internet whether it was on the computer, phone, tablet, etc.

The speed test that was in the afternoon showed the following results:

img_1542As you can see the internet speed is really fast in both uploading and downloading data.

The next speed test was done during the night and the results included:

img_1541If we look at both data we can see that the internet speed is much slower during the nights which is a boomer for me because I like to do my homework during the night, especially my online tests. However, this analysis is very helpful and now I know that to never takes tests during the night especially if they have a time limit.