A Girl’s Best Friend ……

I’ve chosen these two projects because a girls best friend is her makeup, cellphone, handbag, car keys, fashion, and most of all taking a  Selfie. Before females take selfies, you can see all the makeup, maintained hair, and the way they take pictures. But first let me take  selfie was supposedly known in 2014, when really it came into play many years ago. There was even a song that came out with “Let me take a selfie”. I almost forgot to mention its a vine video, so you’ll see to what extent girls go through to take a selfie. Some girls fall, get hurt, laugh, stick their tongues to take a selfie. I really thought it was funny. It made my day. Hope you enjoy this as much as i did.

I learnt how to copy and paste the picture onto this blog. Also, I learnt how to copy the url from the site. I think in this class I will be making a lot of these projects which I don’t mind. I really think this is fun. I don’t mind telling stories behind each picture or video because they all have a meaning. Storytelling is a good skill to have because it will help me with my Facebook, social media site, and instragram page.