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In class we discussed Copyright and the fairuse act. In the TED conversation entitled “laws that choke creativity. Larry Lessig discussed the idea of copyright and how technology influences copyright. In the day and age we live in the internet, camera phones various social media apps makes copyright rules hard to apply. Once an image is up its very easy to screen shot something and make it your own or to remix it . So the question is where is that thin line. For example the harlemshake song that came out in 2013 was huge. The video link had clips from people but also using clips from the peanuts, the simpsons and even a news broadcast. Now the clips from the shows and news were not original for the harlemshake post however someone “remixed” them and added the music. Isnt that a part of copywriting?  But technically the actual harlem shake was a danced that originated in Harlem in the late 90’s early 2000. Where is the copyright for that?  I also found an interesting article on the Google books finally being Legal.  Google book provides free snippets of library books.

OK CT 101-Lets get into Formation! What made me happy this week!

King Bey!!!

I am actually happy I waited to do this post. The one and only Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter broke the internet Saturday when she released her song and video for Formation. Below is a Gif I made using imgur and a clip from her video.Pretty much my reaction once I saw the video


But Ms. Carter wasn’t finished there she went a performed the song at the half time show alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars.









*sidenote* Milly Rock is a dance that was started in Brooklyn (Jay Z Beyonce’s husband is from Brooklyn*

But Wait Key Bey..Lets get this straight:

  1. You released a new song and video
  2. You performed it a superbowl and slayed but she wasn’t finished….what else could King Bey do..drum roll please

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She announces her world tour!!!!!


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Yes King Bey!!!! Thank you for making my week, month, year. I will see you June 7th at CitiField 🙂


Then the internet World went crazy with memes:


beyonce-spikes-red-lobster-sales__oPt download

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Bob’s Burger- Lets Capoeira

Hey Everyone, My name is Brittney and for my first post I decided to make a GIF from one of my favorite shows Bob’s Burger.  Bob’s Burger is about the Belcher  family who owns a burger restaurant. Bob (main character), his wife Linda and their 3 kids Tina, Gene, and Louise.    Tina is Tina is awkward, but full of heart, and muddles her way through her pubescent experiences, such as boys, leg waxing, and development of her identity. She loves unicorns, zombies, and has a crush on Jimmy Jr (who is the son of Bob’s arch enemy Jimmy Pesto). The Gif I created was from the Capoeria episode in which Tina has a crush on her instructor .

Bob’s Burgers Wikipedia page

Fox Bob’s Burger page


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Clip from original show: