CT101 Reflection

Hey guys! This semester has been great. I enjoyed looking at all of your creations and I wish you the best. You guys can check out my Reflection Blog post about CT101 –> Here I will be talking about my favorite assignments, what I liked about this course, and much more. Check it out!!


One specific piece of writing that stood out to me from the exercise we did during the first day of class was ” The second learning objective allows you to express yourself, through an online identity. A digital identity is how one can portray themselves, through technology, and through various types of social media. Sites such as Tumblr, Youtube, and Facebook are all places where people can create a digital identity.  Digital identities allow you to showcase whatever talent that you want to share with the world, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a talent, it can be thoughts, feelings or even a collection of things you like displayed through an online profile. ” I decided to choose this specific post because I can agree and relate to using social media to express myself. I use social media on a daily basis to keep up to date with my friends and family. I personally use Instagram to post my pics for my followers to view. When I post up my pictures on Instagram I am sharing it with my friends , and this is a creation of a digital identity. The benefit of creating a digital identity allows people to post anything they wish to share with others. Having a digital identity is similar to being an author of a book you can write whatever you feel like and people will read it if they are interested in the piece. This quote relates to me in terms of whats most important in this class because we the students will be creating our very own digital identities using word press and other tools. This class will allows us to explore and  express ourselves through writings , posts, and images to share with the public.



The “Serial” podcast is a great example of terrific reporting. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Not only is the case intriguing, but the way Sarah Koenig goes about organizing all her information is incredible. I can tell this case took a really long time to unfold. I finished the 10 episode podcast in […]

Minimum Wage Increase Will Not Affect Financial Aid

By Chereese Sheen A living wage of $13.13 per hour was immediately set when New York Major Bill De Blasio signed an executive order. The increased minimum wage will not affect the financial assistance granted to CUNY students. According to CUNY.edu, families with a New York State Net Taxable Income of $80,000 or less, a […]

Archiving Through Tumblr

  In a sense, I have been practicing archiving for a little over four years now through the blogging website, Tumblr. I don’t post any original content of my own so my blog consists of purely things that I’ve “reblogged” from other people that I follow on the site. It is literally a collection of […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling