Youtubers Are Revolutionizing Entertainment

I just finished watching one of the videos from the Reading List called ”Are Youtubers Revolutionizing Entertainment?” and I have to say, they definitely are revolutionizing entertainment. Two things that stuck out to me in the video was the mention of how many more hours of entertainment Youtube holds over TV and movies, along with how we users are able to connect with content creators based on the things we like and they provide. I’m one of those people who spends hours on Youtube just searching up videos of things I love like video-games, Top 10 facts, Abandoned area, Alien/UFO Documentary, Paranormal investigations, Urban Legends, Cute animal videos, and a lot of other things. I could literally spend the entire day on Youtube and just watch videos nad not even turn on my TV for a source of entertianment. Youtube is the gateway to content you cannot get on televison, content in which your feedback will matter and affect the future of the videos that the content creator is providing. You can’t really get that in movies nor television shows since those run corporate and they can easily ignore the fans feedback and keep up what they’re doing. On Youtube the content creators are in-charge and they will feel the full force of feedback once they read through their comments.

Now for the second part which is that we can easily connect with Youtubers. This is a true thing for me every single day. I am subscribed to Markiplier, JustKiddingFilms/News, David So Comedy, AlphaOmegaSin, JeremyJahns, AngryJoe, TheArchfiend, JusReigns, NigaHiga, The Fine Brothers, and a couple of other users who review video games, Anime/Manga, and those who talk about topics that are popular or deserve attention. All these Youtubers I can really connect with since I share similar interests with them and those Youtubers can connect with their fans and see them either family or the people who brought them to where they are. It’s even better when you get to interact with them through Q&A and their fan pages. The fans are their life line nad are the reason they keep making videos. This is the kind of entertainment you can’t get on TV nor movies, you can only get it on Youtube. The site that’s always expanding and provides millions of content a day. The future of entertainment.~

Are Emoticons The Future Language?

I just finished watching the video Are Emoticons The New Language? , and I’m really stunned about the origins of emoticons. After all these years of using them I never knew they existed way back. I also agree that emoticons help give words meaning it adds that sense of feeling to words, it can either make us feel happy, sad, mad, anything. I’ve seen quite a number of emoticons during my time on the interent, mostly Japanese ones which are made out of more complex symbols. Here’s a couple of my favourites:  ̄ー ̄  (☉‿☉✿)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( °٢° )

I really do think emoticons are a future language that one day be our kind of hieroglyphics. Some may see it rather unformal but the the amount of meaning emoticons put into our words is quite amazing. Sometimes I get a good laugh at looking at some of them since they always seem to lighten up my mood. I have also read somewhere that businesses may start using emoticons when it comes to communicating with employees and customers. Next thing we know we have the army using emoticons to show what’s going on in the battlefield.. that’s a little dark, I know, but it’s quite the possibility.