Social Media- a way to publicly display your private thoughts

The social media networks I have an account for are Facebook, YouTube, G+, Twitter, and Instagram. Although I don’t really use any of them as much, Facebook may be the one I engage with most. I mainly use Facebook to connect and stay in touch with distant family members; it’s an easy way to stay updated on what’s going on with them. The only reason I made a YouTube account is because so many videos get flagged as mature (18 years and older) and I got tired of being restricted so I made a YouTube account just for that reason. Now that I have an account I use it to subscribe to different YouTube pages that I find interesting such as hair tutorials, or web series.

For G+ I mainly use the Google Drive I learned about last semester. Its way easier to save you files and documents that way then to carry around an actual flash drive. I recently stopped going on Instagram as frequently as I used to only because it has gotten boring, just like many of the other social media websites. However, I used it to post pictures of myself or things I found funny, such as memes. Twitter is the one account I was forced to make last semester for a class, so I never really used it.

My accounts on Facebook and Instagram are private. I’m not sure if my YouTube and G+ are private, however my Twitter is public only due to class purposes. I try to make every account I have private but I don’t upload any videos on YouTube and I am not exactly sure if YouTube or G+ has those types of privacy settings. After reading danah boyd’s blog post it hasn’t really changed my thinking about social media as much as it confirmed what I already have been thinking for the past 5 or so months. However, I will say that even though my Facebook is private, after reading like half way through her blog I logged into Facebook to update some of my settings. Especially the one about people being able to look you up on search engines. Since May of this year I have been seriously thinking about deleting most if not all of my social media accounts and/or using them only for business purposes anyway.