I’m Waaaiittting…..

So I’ve noticed- oh wait, Happy thanksgiving, everyone!


Now, with that out of the way, I’ve noticed that nobody’s taken the time to answer my poll. I’m honestly thinking that I should have picked something from the list and did it anyway, bu tf4 that wouldn’t be fair to you. So instead, I’m going to request again that you at least take a look at the poll (http://goo.gl/wqxWRB), and pick a topic. I’d be thankful if you all did so.

Drawing a blank…

So it’s occurred to me that I haven’t exactly made my site user-friendly. I know that sounds weird, considering the fact that anyone can leave a comment. However, I mean that blog could be tailored to what the people want.

Ok, let me stop beating around the bush: I’m stuck right now. As the title would suggest, I have no idea what game to review next for my site. What does this mean to you, you ask?

It’s pretty simple: you get to vote! That’s right, you get to vote for my next game to review. And you’ll see the result on my site:
Here is the poll (paste on a new tab):


I’ll review the results, and review the winning game by next week (if I’m not sidetracked).

That said, happy polling!