Easy-peasy way of downloading YouTube vids

Okay, so, I don’t know if the rest of you took the time to try out the video download trick that I talked about in class. In case you didn’t, here’s a quick and easy tutorial to get you started. You’re welcome.

  1. Go to youtube.com (simple, ya?):
2. find a video:
3. Type in “ss” in front of the “youtube” in the URL (like so):
before: Capturebe
4. Hit enter, then wait for the download button to appear.
And voilà! you have easily acquired your video. Now you can do what you want with it (except plagiarize, of course!) and it didn’t even cost a penny, or extra space downloading a video download client! Isn’t that neat?
you can stop sharpening your pitchforks. I was only trying to be relative.