Site is up. My thoughts going forward.

Ok, so I made my website. I’m feeling kind of frazzled, to be honest. This whole business of keeping up a website, though kind of lenient, seems to be a difficult thing to balance between my other work. Now, it may just be me, but it is a factor to consider. Still, it would be a waste to not give it a try.

That’s the spir- Er, you got this.


Anyway, I can’t to start making posts to my site and give it some flare.

is that weird of me to say? Ah, who cares?

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Been There, Done That

Been There took me down memory lane.  It allowed me to use a moment from one of my favorite movies that I can relate to.  I’m so surprised I’m actually sharing such a horrible moment with the world.  But what can I say, we’ve all done some stupid things when we were young.  Yes, you have ! Admit it.

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Been There took me down memory lane.  It allowed me to use a moment from one of my favorite movies that I can relate to.  I’m so surprised I’m actually sharing such a horrible moment with the world.  But what can I say, we’ve all done some stupid things when we were young.  Yes, you have ! Admit it.

Watching the movie Mean Girls always reminds me of myself in Middle School.  I won’t tell you which character I would play in the movie, but lets just say I was known to be a “bully.”  I don’t know why, I’m actually a really nice person, with a sprinkle of sass. Lol.

As cliques formed in Middle school, you began to learn who were your friends and who you just couldn’t stand to be around.  These are the years where you slowly start building your confidence level and self esteem.  You think you’re grown and you think you’ve been through it all, especially the females, but you barely realize you haven’t even gotten a taste as to what life is like just yet.

Rumors, whispering, gossip, he said/she said, slowly lead to lists being passed around the school.  If your name made the list, you wanted to know what was said about you.  More importantly, you were trying to get to the bottom of who wrote it.  We never exactly figured out who it was lol, but more than likely it was the boys trying to see the girls cliques throw jabs and fight each other, once again.  This led my friends and I to o create our own list one weekend at my house, similar to the burn book in Mean Girls.  We sat around my computer and came up with who we were going to put on it and what we were going to say about them.  Let’s just say, we look mischievous in front of the computer, like true mean girls.  Unfortunately, the story ends here because we were too scared to put it out around the school lol.  I don’t even think we made it to the printing out copies process.  I learned overtime that sometimes no reaction is better than a reaction.

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Domain Domination

We, as a society, have truly submerged ourselves into the age of the Internet. And in doing so, we have added on to our personal identities by creating domains within the Web. Most people, such as students and even professors, find it essential to have a “domain of one’s own”. There is so much importance in being able to have your own place in the World Wide Web and being able to control where you can showcase your talents, create and execute ideas, as well as just share the things that you’re interested in. You’re able to connect with people in a way that you wouldn’t be able to offline, especially since you can interact with a large amount of people from anywhere in the world – something that you wouldn’t be able to do outside of the Internet.

After listening to Tech Therapy with Jim Groom, I strongly feel that most people nowadays, especially the youth, find it more worthwhile to create domains for strictly personal usage. This allows a lot more flexibility and comfort when adding to this domain, as opposed to a more professional one where you have to sort of follow a guideline as to what you can post from what you can’t, and even though this can be rather restricting, it is definitely valuable in its own sense.

I’ve personally already created my own domain name and have been editing my digital identity for quite some years now. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I want to add on to the domain name I already have or create a completely new one. It’s a huge decision to make. A part of me wants to just use my name and create my first professional online identity and then another part of me wants to maintain the personal identity that I’ve already created and just build upon it. I think for now I’ll go with the latter. I won’t share my domain name just yet because “stealing one’s identity” is a thing and someone may read it, like it, and decide to use the domain name for themselves. But, the reason I chose it two years ago was because I’ve always been a huge lover of anything aquatic themed. I just feel people can learn so much from the ocean(s) and all it/they inhabit, as well as the overall poetic and spiritual themes that are associated with the sea. I used to be a swimmer so it was only natural that every domain name I chose had to do with water.

Overall, I’m excited about all the content that I’ll be able to create and attach to my domain because I know that the possibilities are endless.

Social Media Enthusiast

As I stated in my first Weekly Reflection, I am a huge social media junkie. I’m currently engaged in Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. And have been using each of these for a few years now.

I use each of these accounts quite differently as they are all meant to be used in a certain way. I share images, quotes and my own personal thoughts by blogging on Tumblr. I also use it as a communication tool when interacting with people around the world. Instagram is more of a space where I can share images and videos, that I’ve taken with my phone, with my friends and people I know personally. Twitter is strictly for little tidbits of my daily life that I feel comfortable sharing with whomever wants to see/read. I post the occasional mediocre picture on there, as well, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on my blog (Tumblr) or my image feed (Instagram/Flickr). Flickr is where I post personal images taken with my digital camera. I post them here because they are of higher quality and Flickr has a really nice website to display these pictures adequately, as opposed to Instagram’s small and primitive app/website. And YouTube is where I post videos that I have shot with my camera and edited on Windows Movie Maker.

All of these profiles are public except Instagram, which I do make private, from time to time, depending on how personal the images and videos become. By making my corners of the internet public, I’m able to connect with different types of people and share ideas and engage in creative/interesting conversations. I’d like to think that each social media website serves it’s purpose and it’s nice to be able to put a piece of you out in the internet for people to view and ultimately give feedback on.

After reading danah boyd’s “controlling your public appearance” my opinion on how I should portray myself on media sites has changed a bit. Every once and a while I will post something inappropriate on my blog but for some reason I never thought that it may come back to haunt me one day, so after reading this article, I will definitely start to make my blog more appropriate for general viewing in case I need to use it for school or future employment.

Media World Junkie

I’ve been a pretty active member of the media/tech world for a while now. My main pride and joy is my Flickr account. I also have a Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube channel, and have been on these social networking sites for a few years now. I’ve used iMovie in high school in order to shoot, edit and publish short videos and movies that I either starred in or helped to produce. I’ve worked with a wide range of media tools starting from a $3,000 film camera to a handheld camcorder. I currently use a digital camera when taking images or shooting videos and use Photoshop Express Editor as well as Windows Movie Maker for editing. I have never used Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects but would definitely love to learn how to utilize them for future projects and ideas I may want to build on and create.


This is a picture I took of my friend, Jason, to commemorate the first snow of last year’s Winter. I love how the colors of this image make it look like he’s melting into the scenery. I enjoy photography because I’m able to capture moments like these.

Note: Also, if you would like, check out my YouTube channel and watch the two videos I edited starring a few of my friends.