A “Domain of One’s Own”

So basically a domain of one’s own is a platform or a personal web address if I may. It is a place where students and teachers can save their files for future use. It allows one to customize the site according to their own style.

It is innovative and not just a username and password or a forward slash dot university domain. It is your own personal web identity. It is as a representation of open learning on the web. This innovative digital ID allows for both public and international access as electronically stored data, while increasing the necessity for web learning.

According to Ms. Audrey Watters, who ranks it as one of the best innovations in technology for both faculty and students. It has the ability to communicate through systems fast and deliver requested information, while being able to store a vast amount of data.

It was created to be as close to magic as possible, almost undistinguishable from magic itself. It allows for resistance, and she mentions the fact that it prompts us to ask what data we are creating as learners, who owns it, tracks or profits from it.