Flashback To First Day Of CT 101

I remember having a hard time getting up that morning because I was watching Netflix all night.

jim carrey GIF

My class starts at 10:00am, I woke up at 9:15am. It was the first day and I wanted to look good. I took my sweet little time to get ready.

Makeup Getting Ready GIF by Shay Mitchell

I thought I could make it on time but it only hit me when I got stuck on the train. It’s funny because I was only one stop away from the station. As time passed I kept looking at my watch and shaking my legs.

nervous chewing gum GIF

I was probably the last one to get in the class. I was lost like a puppy. I didn’t know where to sit because almost all the sits were taken. I ended up going to Ryan’s computer. And obviously, he asked me to sit somewhere else. He was really nice but you know it was just embarrassing.

Awkward Cardi B GIF by Saturday Night Live

Anyways, as Ryan was telling us about the class and explaining what we will be doing throughout the semester, I wanted to pay attention, I really tried but I had to turn my head all the way because he was standing in the middle. I pretty much broke my neck that day lol.

heidi montag GIF by The Hills

The class ended at 11:50am. I walked out happily but with a bit of pain. I was happy because the class seemed pretty interesting. I loved how Ryan made everything so easy and simple. I knew this class was going to be exciting and so much fun. I coudn’t  wait  to  start  writing  my  Blogs.

happy ftw GIF



First Gif: If you think your day was bad

So today I created my first gif i ended up using screenshots of a video. The reason i did this was because for some reason to be able to use videos on gimp you have to download a whole other plug-in call gimp-gap which is really a pain. So to make it easier and not waste so much time on doing this used screen shots from parts of the video that I needed. So in this gif it shows a girl actually falling into a sinkhole. Which pretty much ruins anyone’s day, so next time something small happens and you think you’re day is bad just think at least you haven’t fallen into a sink hole.


Girl on Fire GIF

So I’ve been trying to figure out a way to create a 5 seconds GIF, and today I found this simple and easy site that does! Here’s my first ever animated GIF. It literally took less than 5 minutes to create. However, I would like to challenge myself, by using Photoshop CS5.


My head almost exploded from doing this



My game plan is learn how to manipulate and enhance pictures in Photoshop. I would also like to learn how to do more GIFs, animation, and create logo.  I choose  those two because I think it would be beneficial gaining more skills and knowledge with modifying images on the web.Although my major is graphic design, I barely know how to create anything which is just sad! But I have the opportunity now. I just hope I can remember everything I learn because it can get overwhelming. We are given these kids of assignments of creating graphical work on our own to push us to learn more without the assistance of our teacher. Being too dependence isnt good. I was confused in class trying to do this GIF, the first I ever made. I was beginning to get frustrated. But I came home and did research and figured it out on my own! I’m proud of myself. It was more simple than I thought. I choose this GIF because its funny and was a perfect example of a GIF. I think a good pace would be completing my work asap, but not pressuring myself at the same time. Rushing makes me feel overwhelmed and panicky.