[WEEK #8] Time to move on..

Hello guys, I have created my domain. My domain is Ricardoxo.com.

I also have another domain, for my other class CT360, which is Rixardo.com.  For this domain, Ricardoxo.com, I customized it a bit. I used images I found off this cool website called unsplash (thanks MBS). The images there are really nice. In my website, there will be funny gifs, memes and images that I come across while surfing the internet.



Ah~ About this assignment that was given ->”Digital Storytelling Prompt on Fair Use”

Posted in my website 🙂 check it out! I created a GIF that I worked really hard on!


The assignment was:

Create an image, GIF, video, and/or piece of audio that reworks a quote and/or image found in any of the linked essays from reflection 7 & 8. Think about possibly creating a poster that uses an image and quote. Or create a video or audio remix that samples from the Andy Baio and/or Larry Lessig talks. Or maybe come up with something on your own that is inspired by these discussions. In your post, remember to use links to reference texts incorporated in your work as well as give context to the work.

I chose the part to create a GIF of my own that was inspired by the discussions.