Should memes be considered an Art Form?

Memes plague the internet. Memes are used everywhere and by everyone. So yes, I believed that memes are an art form. Memes, just like a normal photography without a “watermark” or text, convey a thousand words. Memes are created to evoke a reaction out of the viewer, whether it be a laughter or a second long chuckle. Lastly, please enjoy these artworks…I mean memes, I have created using scenes from some of my favorite movies. The first one is from the movie “Split”(2017), the second one is from “Now you see me 2″(2016) and the last one is also from the movie “Now you see me 2″(2016).

Are Internet Memes ART?

Are Internet Memes ART?

Screen the video above first and read the article below. Do an internet search for “Are memes ART?” See what you discover. No matter how you cut it, memes are here to stay…is this good or bad for Art? I want to know what you think. And by all means, share you favorites Memes via URL, and or create your own to express your sentiments in new Blog post!

Are Memes the Pop Culture Art of our Era? Kate Knibbs –

Have fun!

How Kanye Really Feels

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We all remember back in 2009 in the VMA’s when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift and said “Yo Taylor I am really happy for you, I am gonna let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time, One of the best videos of all time!” Six years later Kanye returns and almost interrupts Beck’s acceptance after receiving best album of the year. Kanye did not think Beck should of won best album of the year and left America shocked and confused. Later that night Kanye tweets this.