Should Athletes Get Paid

It STILL March Madness and college basketball players are like celebrities of their hometown and the biggest question in the back of everyone’s mind is as they cheer on there favorite team is should they be getting paid?

The NCAA is major widely publicized basketball tournament that both men and women play. (But lets be real all the attention is on male athletes not women.) March Madness has become a huge market for business its estimated to be making $6 billion annually. Coaches are getting huge payouts and colleges are getting a nice slice of that pie but what about those hard working players. The players who are attending the prominent college with the acceptance rate of 10.8% on full scholarship. They players there for the education but are forced into the spotlight because its the only way would have every been able to attend such a prestigious school.

Seriously though Duke University, home of the future 2015 NCAA champions Duke Blue Devils (yes i said it I’ll bet anyone on that) head coach Mike Krzyzewski raked in just a small amount of $9,682,032 last year and became the highest paid college coach of 2014. This year he has already made $6,043,979 and counting you know the year isn’t over he has a lot of HARD WORK ahead of him. If a coach can make this much I ask anyone reading this should the players should be getting a cut and lowering the coaches salary a bit?

IMO if a coach is making that much yelling at me from the bench and I’m risking my health dunking a ball then I should be getting payed twice as much as he is.TBH its crazy who gets payed the big bucks in this world. I know it takes talent to dunk a ball and make a basket from half court, to hit a home-run, or throw a 40yrd touchdown pass its really entertaining, but we need to acknowledge those who apply their minds just as much as those who apply there bodies.

Are Artists Too Sexy?

In today’s gender and media class we read about the issues surrounding “gendered” bodies and representation. Based on these readings, I was asked to offer an example of a specific public person (celebrity, athlete, politician, etc.) and describe how our culture represents their identity and body based on gender, class, race, religion, politics, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. The […]

In today’s gender and media class we read about the issues surrounding “gendered” bodies and representation. Based on these readings, I was asked to offer an example of a specific public person (celebrity, athlete, politician, etc.) and describe how our culture represents their identity and body based on gender, class, race, religion, politics, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.

The part that stuck out to me the most in the reading was MacKinnon’s analysis on mainstream understanding of sexuality. He suggested that while straight men believe they are the masters on sexuality, he believes it is women who are defined by it. What I got out of that was that a man’s ways of thinking ultimately shape the vision of “the perfect woman”. Porno for example places these images and ideas in people’s mind to believe this is what a “real” woman is and that simply isn’t true.

Of course I am going to use Nicki Minaj as an example of this. She is most known for her body, and by body I mean ass. No one really comments on how nice her eyes are, or how pretty her teeth are; majority of the comments are about her behind. I honestly don’t even think people notice her thighs or breast. Anyway this idea of the perfect woman, nice body (great amount of ass, maybe at least C cup breast) and a decent face, is flooding women’s mind to make them believe they aren’t good enough, however it doesn’t only effect women.

Men can also feel this sense of insecurity when all women talk about is how sexy Trey Songz, Chris Brown, or Tyrese’s body looks. Although these men all have really, really, REALLY nice bodies, it also tends to make females think that this is the type of body her man must have. I have spoken to plenty of guys who make comments such as “I have a bird chest” or “I need a man chest” when referring to why they are uncomfortable with taking their shirts off. I believe if people will stop trying to shoot for perfect things would be that much better. Think about it, if you see 20 women and only 5 of them have nice (meaning not flabby) large behinds and the rest don’t, what does that tell you? Everyone can have something beautiful about them if you just stop trying to build a “perfect” woman/man and work with what you have.

Domain Domination

We, as a society, have truly submerged ourselves into the age of the Internet. And in doing so, we have added on to our personal identities by creating domains within the Web. Most people, such as students and even professors, find it essential to have a “domain of one’s own”. There is so much importance in being able to have your own place in the World Wide Web and being able to control where you can showcase your talents, create and execute ideas, as well as just share the things that you’re interested in. You’re able to connect with people in a way that you wouldn’t be able to offline, especially since you can interact with a large amount of people from anywhere in the world – something that you wouldn’t be able to do outside of the Internet.

After listening to Tech Therapy with Jim Groom, I strongly feel that most people nowadays, especially the youth, find it more worthwhile to create domains for strictly personal usage. This allows a lot more flexibility and comfort when adding to this domain, as opposed to a more professional one where you have to sort of follow a guideline as to what you can post from what you can’t, and even though this can be rather restricting, it is definitely valuable in its own sense.

I’ve personally already created my own domain name and have been editing my digital identity for quite some years now. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I want to add on to the domain name I already have or create a completely new one. It’s a huge decision to make. A part of me wants to just use my name and create my first professional online identity and then another part of me wants to maintain the personal identity that I’ve already created and just build upon it. I think for now I’ll go with the latter. I won’t share my domain name just yet because “stealing one’s identity” is a thing and someone may read it, like it, and decide to use the domain name for themselves. But, the reason I chose it two years ago was because I’ve always been a huge lover of anything aquatic themed. I just feel people can learn so much from the ocean(s) and all it/they inhabit, as well as the overall poetic and spiritual themes that are associated with the sea. I used to be a swimmer so it was only natural that every domain name I chose had to do with water.

Overall, I’m excited about all the content that I’ll be able to create and attach to my domain because I know that the possibilities are endless.

Social Media Enthusiast

As I stated in my first Weekly Reflection, I am a huge social media junkie. I’m currently engaged in Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. And have been using each of these for a few years now.

I use each of these accounts quite differently as they are all meant to be used in a certain way. I share images, quotes and my own personal thoughts by blogging on Tumblr. I also use it as a communication tool when interacting with people around the world. Instagram is more of a space where I can share images and videos, that I’ve taken with my phone, with my friends and people I know personally. Twitter is strictly for little tidbits of my daily life that I feel comfortable sharing with whomever wants to see/read. I post the occasional mediocre picture on there, as well, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on my blog (Tumblr) or my image feed (Instagram/Flickr). Flickr is where I post personal images taken with my digital camera. I post them here because they are of higher quality and Flickr has a really nice website to display these pictures adequately, as opposed to Instagram’s small and primitive app/website. And YouTube is where I post videos that I have shot with my camera and edited on Windows Movie Maker.

All of these profiles are public except Instagram, which I do make private, from time to time, depending on how personal the images and videos become. By making my corners of the internet public, I’m able to connect with different types of people and share ideas and engage in creative/interesting conversations. I’d like to think that each social media website serves it’s purpose and it’s nice to be able to put a piece of you out in the internet for people to view and ultimately give feedback on.

After reading danah boyd’s “controlling your public appearance” my opinion on how I should portray myself on media sites has changed a bit. Every once and a while I will post something inappropriate on my blog but for some reason I never thought that it may come back to haunt me one day, so after reading this article, I will definitely start to make my blog more appropriate for general viewing in case I need to use it for school or future employment.

The beginning.

MyVidlabVideo First of all I want to start by saying I’m so excited for this class, the journey I will be taking in learning how to be creative in so many different ways. I must say I can’t recall when was the last time I have been so excited for a class, so indeed I accept this challenge. Truthfully, I don’t really know much when it comes to a variety of storytelling tools but I am excited to learn everything and maybe become an expert in some of these tools. Here and there I do some shooting, recording but not anything too extreme. I am most comfortable with shooting just cause I usually take plenty of photos and here and there I do some basic edit. I’ve always been intrigued by how certain things in videos are made, and everything that have to do with editing the video and creating something different, I would love to learn everything that the class is offering. This piece I included is just of a song I really like, and think the lyrics video is pretty cool so I decided to record a piece of it. I edit it on Vidlab which I personally just downloaded  in order to edit the video and add some effects to it, enjoy.