Making your First GIF using Youtube and Imgur

Imgur is a web based image repository site used quite a bit by Reddit users. It’s optimized to simply post images, both still and animated, and allow for the hordes to look at the image without crashing the site. This is to mitigate what was know as a site being ‘hugged to death.’

One of the nice features recently added to imgur was the addition of a ‘youtube video to GIF’ tool. Allowing you to make a GIF from a piece of a Youtube video in the browser. No additional tools are needed. And you get the benefit of the image being hosted on a site built specifically for that activity.


So let’s do an example with this youtube video:

You need the Youtube video URL to copy/paste into the Imgur tool. Then you create start and stop points in the editor:


Once you’ve chose the points the tool loops the video as a preview so you can see what you’re about to turn into a GIF. When you’re satisfied with the previewed loop, create the GIF. After some processing you will be given a page that has a unique URL which shows the GIF embedded as well as links to the GIF file. Also imgur creates a video file too. And links to it with a .gifv extension. This is actually a link to a page that plays the video as a loop.


And finally my awesome GIF!

If you paste the URL of a GIFv (without the v) into a blog post, it will automatically embed a looped version similar to a Youtube URL social media embed. See below:

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