What is making me happy on the internet

What is making me happy on the internet right now is Memes. I really like memes they are funny after all, Who doesn’t  need a laugh  right?

We all know that the internet will be forever undefeated not even Floyd Mayweather stand a chance.

Above is the latest meme that is going around it’s pretty funny. Something is said and then you end it with “Ight imma head out”.

Anyways Spongebob is a whole meme in itself. like the i’m Patrick meme.

Drake is always a meme this is a pretty funny gif thats why I put it here. I could actually hear this gif.

Also i’m also interested in anime I like anime they got really interesting story lines. I am not like a hardcore anime fan or an Outaku but I’ve watched a fair share of them.

Well, this is what is making me happy on the internet.