Halcyon Days

Imagery has always played a large factor in my life, and in the past years, social media has played a large factor in handing out this imagery. I am a sucker for aesthetics. I love all soft, faded, pretty things. I love foggy photos, sunny photos, photos where you can physically feel the scenery through your screen. I am a lover of written word that emits these visuals as well; the mixture of prose and photos is what I strive to see and strive to create.

For me, the best place to get all of these things is a social media site called Tumblr. This site is the stomping ground for all kinds of people, though I’ve found myself with an artist’s dashboard. I scroll past a mixture of beautifully taken photos, whimsical poetry and portions of classic literature on a daily basis (along with the ever invasive meme and cheesy joke). All of these things find their way onto my blog. Through each post, a bit of my personality and interests can be shown. My thoughts and feelings are quite transparent here; my blog is a look into me and my mind. I have more that one blog, but the one that I’ve embedded below is the blog that I feel most proud of. It is a place where I’ve used mostly photography and word to display how I feel at any given time.

Tumblr, as a whole, makes me as happy as something untouchable can. I am inspired and moved by my surroundings, and Tumblr is a way to bring a comforting ‘environment’ with me wherever I go.

I will always encourage anyone and everyone to create a blog on Tumblr. There are thousands of different Tumblr communities, meaning that everyone can customize and find their place on the site. While my blog is a breeding ground for art, another blog may be purely dedicated to a certain book or movie, or even dedicated to spreading all kinds of happy. Either way, there’s a place for everyone, and everyone has a place.

My Word Cloud

So I was thinking of the possible assignments I could do and realized that I’ve always wanted to make a cloud incorporated with all my favorite words and the concepts I cherish. Hence, I made my own word cloud! These are not too many words but they all have a common theme as you can probably tell. All of them have to do with ideas and concepts rather than materialistic things which is a depiction of my personality. I hold these things very close and as long as I have love, faith, happiness, success, trust, and all the words in this box, I am content and satisfied. Because for me, wealth does not buy happiness and constant accumulation of money and material things is unnecessary. Of course, it is important to be financially stable to live a good life but going to extremes in achieving piles of materialistic items is foolish. A person should have much bigger goals in their life and strive to make every day productive. Moreover, I think people nowadays need to realize the importance and value of the relationships they have with people. Compromise, understanding, faith, and good intentions are significant factors in any relationship. If a person incorporates these factors into a relationship, it is sure to be successful.