Say It Ain’t SoOoOOOoo🎤

I cannot believe how fast the semester is finishing up:

Over the semester, I learned how to make gifs using Photoshop and where I made a few gifs. I learned how to make memes using photoshop and learned that Helvetica is a great font.

In class, we learned how to make multi-faced portraits. This portrait of Alfonsina Storni is one of my favorite posts, it was cool/challenging to edit the layers.

One of the posts I had difficulty with was the week we focused on the Vaporwave aesthetic. I think my end result was too cluttered, but I do like the Vaporwave art style. I think my grade for this course would be a B-or an A- because I missed one week’s post and was late on two posts. Learning Photoshop helped me start a project that would not have started without taking this class. It is so exciting, I started an Instagram page called @broadcityeverywhere. It’s a page that has Abbi & Ilana in different landscapes and I’m starting with Pride and Prejudice landscapes.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer at Lyme Park

The image above took a minute because I edited the duo from the original background. You can see the original on the latest post over on my website.

Broad City
Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth

Also this semester, I liked editing vintage travel posters of Peru and Venice.

This poster makes me want to travel in Italy thinking about how it is the home to thousands of rounds of parm >>


As for my website, I will keep it up and update it with some of the posts from the Broad City and Pride and Prejudice page. Thank you, Professor Ryan, and fellow CT101 classmates for making this course fun! 🙂

Happiness on the Innanets

In the age of technology and “the Innanets”  everyday brings something brand new and undiscovered. I would compare the landscape of the world wide web to what I imagine the wild west was like. Unchartered territory with little to no rules and unlimited possibilities. To make matters even better, all of us participating could qualify as Innanet Cowboys.

Clint Eastwood. My Problematic Fav.

Because of the unlimited possibilities, you can experience/create whatever your brain imagines. That alone makes me happy as a person whose interests are scattered and often unrelated. So with that being said, here is a poem based off the last lines of the famous Statue of Liberty poem “New Collosus”.

“Give me your ratchet reality television , your memes,
Your 240 characters yearning to breathe free,
The wretched explorer page of your Instagram.
Send trolls, the podcasts, Beyonce to me,
I lift my android  beside the entrance to the Innanets!”

Finally, just because your fav could never…



What’s Making Professor Seslow Happy on the Internet?

So here we are, officially jumping into CT101 this week. We have a ton of great stuff to cover, learn, share, create, apply, rinse and repeat this semester! Assignment #1 asks you to share; What is making you happy on the Internet?  You can find the link to that assignment here – <– Thats right, we can do cool things like hyperlink any kind of text or verbiage that we want and have it redirect us. We can make an image or an animated GIF like the one above -also a “clickable thing” that redirects to another page or place on the Internet. That IDEA in and or itself makes me very happy! So in essence, the creative and practical functionality of the Internet as a whole makes me really happy. Lets dig a bit deeper..

The still image above is taken from my profile on GIPHY. (go ahead and click on the image of the hyperlinked word to find my “stock” of animated GIFS. You can use them and embed them almost anywhere on the web. Thats the beauty of – its a search engine for animated GIFs and animated Stickers, like I said, its Internet culture. Internet culture makes me happy!

I love to make animated GIFS! And guess what, you are going to learn how to make them in our class! I love GIFs and feel that they are a huge part of Internet culture. Come on now, we all love animated GIFS! I made both of the GIFs in this blog post. These two are many of the thousands that I have made (did I say thousands? yikes, its true, I cant stop!) I blame Professor Michael B. Smith for this as he got me into GIFs and making them! Be sure to check out his blog here.

September is Deaf Awareness Month, that makes me happy!  It gives me an opportunity to use the Internet as a platform to share information about Deaf culture and to help hearing people get a better insight and understanding of what it is like to be deaf and hard of hearing. Im deaf and hard of hearing, could you tell from our first meeting? Ill bet you couldn’t! Ill share some stories with you this week in class. (Im full of surprises!)

OK, so those are a few things that are making me happy on the Internet as well as a few ways that I use the Internet.

PS – Did you notice the formatting for this blog post? Notice how my images are the same size and how everything has been aligned to the left? This is intentional and it helps the viewer/reader easily absorb the content. You too will learn how to apply a similar format, though it may see a bit tricky to manage at first, you will easily get the hang of it!




Explaining Lion King 2 In 5 Minutes

I saw this DS106 Assignments and I thought it was cool. When watching a movie, it takes the whole entire movie to be able to understand the different things that are happening. So instead, the assignment asks you to explain the movie using gifs. I decided to explain Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.  All gifs were made using Imgur and all video was found from looking up different clips of the movie on Youtube.

This gif is the start of the movie. Mufasa is looking down on everyone. It’s like a flashback to the first Lion King and reminds you that this is the the sequel of what happened after all the chaos was over.

This is another flashback to the first movie when Rafiki did this with Simba, but now he is doing it with Simba’s daughter Kiara. This is the official start to Lion King 2.

This is where the trouble starts. Another flashback to the first Lion King where the cub is told not to go to the “darkside” and they don’t listen and run into trouble. Kiara doesn’t listen to Simba and meets Kovu who is a descendant of Scar and was raised to get revenge on Simba. Of course they get into trouble and become friends.

Fast forward into the movie and Kiara introduces Kovu to Simba, Nala and the clan. They don’t trust him because they know his background. He gains their trust and everything is all good. Then he is forced to make a decision and he makes the wrong one causing everyone to turn against him. Simba banishes him and in true Lion King fashion they break out into a very catchy song about him not being one of them.

Of course after this the big fight scene between the outsiders and those who live in the pride land/Zira and Simba. This is also where Kovu and Kiara come together to stop the fight and try to create peace. Of course Simba listens but Zira doesn’t and just like Scar she dies. 

Then of course like all Disney movies, you have the happy ending. All is peaceful and the outsides now join those in the pride land as one big happy family all thanks to Kiara and Kovu.

The End ! 🙂