CT101 Students GIF the Portrait – March 2018

York College CT101 Students GIF the Portrait – March 2018

CT101 Digital Storytelling students rocked a series of digital portrait manipulations learning the ins and outs of image manipulations with Adobe photoshop. Many of the students are first time users of photoshop. What better way to experiment with something new than to work with a subject that inspires you?

Students were asked, who inspires you and why? Tell us about your connection to this person and how they influence and motivate you. They were asked to write individual blog posts for the class website over at ct101.us about their experiences and also working with photoshop.

The end results: each student produced a series of manipulated images and brought them together to form a stop motion animation. This brought the static to life so that basic animation skills were also learned.

We then submitted one single frame from the series to produce a collaborative portrait animation for the popular GIF the Portrait project here on the Net Art site for the commons.

GIF the Portrait

My mother will get like the image above if anyone hurt her kids and let me just say she knows all and speaks from her heart! Now, Do you get why I chose her 🙂

I need to resize the image so you won’t see the floor. I think I have to do that in photo shop.

GIF the Portrait!

Dear Students,

We love the individual blog posts that are being generated about the GIF the Portrait project! Please do not forget to E-MAIL to me your final GIFS from the exercise! Aside from the GIFs living on your blogs, we want to post them onto the collaborative tumblr.

Remember, Tumblr will only support files of 1MB, that is about 600 pixels or smaller. Please make sure your are sending me the right size. You can resize the GIFs in photoshop under “Image” in the main top menu. Go down to “image size” and make the adjustments there. Don’t forget to “Save for Web” as a GIF file!

Send to  – Ryan@ryanseslow.com

Thanks so much!