Barbershop 3 The Next Cut In Theaters Tomorrow




This weekend if you want to laugh with the family. Barbershop is hitting the theaters tomorrow. Go check out my website to check out the scoop on the new movie “Barbershop 3 The Next Cut”. And also watch the trailer to see the popular actors such as Ice Cube, Cedric The Entertainer, Anthony Anderson and a few others. Have a great weekend everyone.

What’s the plan?


I don’t have and actual plan for this course, but I do plan to get as much assignments done as I possibly can. I plan to do these assignments as soon as I get them, i would use the time after class to try and get them done. I chose to do this because I want to receive the most points that I possibly can. I also choose to do this because I know I may not get the full pout value for each assignment. I think the choice of assignments was given to us so we don’t have to stress and do every assignment, we can have a sense of freedom.