Me and Social Media?

Social Media is everywhere now! It has expanded from just an email or wired telephones through cans as we can only image. Because today is so outdated, its hard to keep up with all of technology! But thank goodness for improvement in social media. I remember using AIM chat room through my AOL account, and it was a big thing back then! Today, I’ve never met someone who’s ever said, “hey, hit me up on AIM later!” Now it’s all about Facebook. I actually never wanted to join this social network until my best friend decided to create an account for me. This way I can contact family out of the country. Not only do I get to do that, but I am also able to post and share my thoughts and opinion. Whether it is through a photo, video, worded status or commenting and liking.

Besides Facebook, I am also connected to LinkedIn; a professional social network. Which my father recently invited me to. I hardly ever use it, but it is a great way to follow up on professional networking. You can also find great opportunities there once you’ve connected with the right people. And by ‘right people’ I mean, those interested in your profile and what you can offer to their business. Another network I engage myself with, is the ‘all known’- Youtube! Everyone has been there a million times. Even if they don’t have an account. The fact it is open to everyone and anyone without signing up, is great because; everything is there and vividly provided! As opposed to Flickr and Instagram which are other networks I’ve more recently started to share photos. Therefore, all of these networks has its own purpose and value. But at the same time they are all linked. For example, if I searched and watched a trailer for the new movie “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” on Youtube, I have an option to share the video on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Email or SMS. Through these other media networks, others are also able to view and tally up the number of views to that trailer. Just because I hit ‘share and post!’ Crazy right!? Well not in a mad sense, but it’s really cool that all of social media has developed so widely and guess what? They are not finished yet.

Certain media can be private and/or public. Lets use another example now; where I take a photo at the beach with some friends. But I don’t want everyone to see. I can either; shoot that particular person(s) an email and send it, bcc if more than one. This way all of my senders won’t know I’ve sent it out to them all. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of these other online social network, can also be used privately or publicly.

When it comes to making my choices as to which network to use, it all comes down to security. How many people all at once can you confidentially trust? Not everyone is out there to communicate. There are some who wants to steal and even ruin your connections. This is why it is extremely important to set up all social accounts so that they are secured!

Social Media isThis BIG!

Internet sensation…Apparently!


YT University and IG Confinement

The social media networks I use everyday, religiously, are Youtube, and Instagram. I also have a Google+, and Twitter account, but I never use them. I honestly can not figure out how Google+ works. Back in 2010, I deactivated my Facebook account. Maintaining a Facebook account, and being a freshman in college was not easy work. Plus, Facebook gets everyone into trouble.

My Youtube account, and Instagram account are used in two totally different ways. On Youtube I watch a variety of things. I use it to watch vlogs, tutorials, reviews, music videos, comedy skits, relaxation videos (ASMR), and I sometimes come across a laughing baby. No one has my Youtube information, I do not upload videos, and it’s not even my real name. It is purely used for educational, and entertainment purposes. Instagram is a different story. Instagram really is an addiction. You may not post everyday, but you are definitely on it everyday. I have not logged out since I downloaded the app. Instagram is the ultimate “Let me be nosey” app.  My Instagram is public, but it is also not under my real name. Your Instagram handle is something you give out freely (@_geniuschild). I have met friends on Instagram, and reconnected with old ones; however, you can also lose friends over Instagram, it’s called “Unfollow.”

On both accounts I am pretty careful with what I comment, and post. Even though on Youtube no ones knows it is me, I keep my negative comments to myself. On Instagram my posts are either funny, serious, artsy, photos of Bob Marley, photos of outings, or an occasional “selfie.”

“Controlling Your Public Appearance” by Danah Boyd, does not make me change my thoughts of how I use social media. I do not post anything that can cause me to lose a job, or a potential job. When my name is searched everything that is seen is volleyball related. However, if my Instagram were under my name, and my pictures were to appear, the person searching my name would know: I am humorous but sometimes serious, artistic, a lover of Bob Marley, who rarely goes out, and posts “selfies” once a month.