Been There



Assignment: Picking a scene from a movie that you can relate too and make a Gif out of it.

I never knew you could make a gif out of youtube videos by just typing gif between “www.” and “youtube.” in the url bar.

Anyone with sisters can find this scene quite relatable. As an older sister my younger sisters always feel restricted by my advice and demands on what to do or not to do. And when they really mess up they know it and I know it. Hence the chase around the house with me yelling “why are you running if you didn’t do anything?!”

And as we are arguing and our temper are rising we tend to say things to each other that we don’t really mean just to hurt each others feelings.


but at the end of the day or week (however long it takes for us to calm down.) We are still sisters who appreciate one another.


Blocking and Unfriending: A Facebook Soap Opera

We have all been a witness to that one shared post by a friend that you finally happen upon in your news feed and you see that just the sharing of the post has caused an uproar that is taking over your news feed. Its comes in such large amounts that you just can’t help but be drawn in to look and read comment after comment. Not because you were planning to reply but simply because you want to be caught up on the goings and comings, find out who has blocked who, who has lost a few friends and who is just telling the entire world off. Its the same thing that occurs on twitter and any other form of social networking. But why are we so drawn to this? It brings up the question that if you saw this occurring out on the street would you watch blatantly or completely ignore? Either way, it makes for great entertainment and most times I would love to comment with a “Finish Him”