cliffyvgmp3: my domain name

I decided to go with the name cliffyvgmp3, since it includes three personal favorites: my nickname, love for vgm (that’s video game music for those who don’t know about that), and games in general. My plan for the site is to share insight on my favorite games and musical pieces from games. I may also post my own songs that I make, but this rarely may happen, since I have so few songs made and I have only had a few uploaded to the public. I hope it’ll be great!

Great for teaching but I don’t know if that’s the same for long term use

I think a domain name is great for students and faculty members because it will help guide them in understanding how to brand their own website and learn the functions in networking. Most people including myself, don’t know the majority of the functions behind networking. Its a lot more than just logging onto a computer and typing in web addresses. People use domain names to brand themselves and their business. It directs their customers and supporters directly to their site, making it easier for users and more popularized.

i will choose my domain name by choosing something I really admire, maybe a nickname or something meaningful. i thought about using or something of that sort. i looked it up on the domain searching site and its available. I love the name MingMing!