My Favorite Imagery

A few GIFs I made of one of my favorite YouTubers, Connor Franta. The GIFs come from the trailer he made for his newest book, Note To Self. The tutorial for this assignment was very easy to follow. It took one or two tries to get Imgur to work, but once I figured it out, the gifs were quite easy to make. It’s easy to see how people make so many, it’s so fun and quick!

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The original video can be found here: Note To Self | Trailer

My First Project Ever !

My first project ever is finally done! I’m not going to lie, it took me a  while to finish this and become familiar with photoshop but its finally over (*wipes sweat off forehead*). My   character’s name is  Kandy and she is a shape shifter. Kandy shifts based on emotion  and in this photo, she is depicted seeing ghosts for the first time while traveling.myriamEdouard_284

I Could Get Used to This!

Thoughts: December 10th- January 28th (Pretty much the whole break) “Why am I signing up for these classes? I don’t even like my Journalism major anymore, why am I still following Pathways’ requirements? Was I not just planning on switching my major and potentially colleges?”

Next Day: January 29th, 2015 (First CT class) “I think I actually like this class, there’s a short and sweet syllabus that can be interpreted in PLENTY of ways, small class, animated professor, and no one breathing down my neck behind me because we aren’t cramped in rows like misbehaved children (just a bit claustrophobic). I feel as though this class is going to be very beneficial to me because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a blog and learn all this cool editing stuff, now in order ‘to show our understanding of the tools that we will learn, we could try them out by utilizing the skill and applying them to a given assignment’ and whatever we want to outside of this class.” I realize that I have been digitally telling stories for a long time from facebook/ instagram posts to trying out the YouTube scene, to vlogging, I just never classified it as anything beyond what it was. Social Media. Time to give this class a fighting chance!

 I could get used to this!!

course objective

“We create and tell stories based upon our curiosity for truths, knowledge and to share what we may know. I would venture to say even, that we are social beings, so the world of technologies opens another medium for us to interact. I would say the role of technologies is nascent as the amount of perspectives is essentially unlimited, everyone has an opinion, or can shape one carrying off of what they have read.”

I think this is a great explanation of the first objective and question because social media can help shape our thoughts and ideas and allows us to relate to different perspectives.

“If you are apart of a social network, you already have a sense of having an online identity but I think the second objective focuses more on how to learn other techniques to improve how we want others to view our online identity. Also having similar people track our progress as we create this identity throughout the semester.”

I agree with myself for the second objective because its self explanatory.


“There are a lot of digital tools that are available for our use today, the third learning objective allows us to explore those different tools and use them to create things for self expression. I think the term digital tools refer to all of the creative softwares that are available such as photoshop, and illustrator as well as other editing programs. The tool that I would like to learn to navigate better would be photoshop, although knowing the basics are great I think that the program, is very complex and can be used in a variety of other ways.”


Although, I have no experience with photoshop at all I still agree with this post and that is a editing software I would like to learn how more about. I also think digital tools range from a variety of things, not only digital software.


One specific piece of writing that stood out to me from the exercise we did during the first day of class was ” The second learning objective allows you to express yourself, through an online identity. A digital identity is how one can portray themselves, through technology, and through various types of social media. Sites such as Tumblr, Youtube, and Facebook are all places where people can create a digital identity.  Digital identities allow you to showcase whatever talent that you want to share with the world, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a talent, it can be thoughts, feelings or even a collection of things you like displayed through an online profile. ” I decided to choose this specific post because I can agree and relate to using social media to express myself. I use social media on a daily basis to keep up to date with my friends and family. I personally use Instagram to post my pics for my followers to view. When I post up my pictures on Instagram I am sharing it with my friends , and this is a creation of a digital identity. The benefit of creating a digital identity allows people to post anything they wish to share with others. Having a digital identity is similar to being an author of a book you can write whatever you feel like and people will read it if they are interested in the piece. This quote relates to me in terms of whats most important in this class because we the students will be creating our very own digital identities using word press and other tools. This class will allows us to explore and  express ourselves through writings , posts, and images to share with the public.