The Gratification of Digital Storytelling Immediacy

The Gratification of Digital Storytelling Immediacy

On a fine wintery morning in early March of 2018 I took expressive action!

I had to. (I promise I took this photo from a red light) As a digital storyteller, this is my duty right?!

Here is the published outcome taken from Instagram below , and this was my series of steps:

Realize the impulse, feel, express, broadcast, reflect and further express and assert, publish again.

“One of those strange surreal wintery commutes. When the anticipation of delays and slow motion gnaws away at your thought projection. However to the however, something told me to avoid the train and drive. To my surprise, everyone else must have done the opposite. Door to door in 23 minutes, magically seamless and visually quite beautiful. Timelessness and stillness were the co-pilots, both present as I happily listened to Murakami’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” on audiobook. (Thank you @port.manteaux for the suggestion!)”

We are all digital storytellers really, but some of us don’t think of our day to day snippets of experiences as worthy stories to tell. Sadly, this is so far from the truth! We are all humans sharing the same card catalog of emotions, feelings, sentiments and urges. We ALL share so many of the same exact day to day “things”. Illustrating these daily life activities in short bursts of expressions shines the wonderful inter-connectedness and reminder we always need.

I love teaching my CT101 Digital Storytelling course at CUNY York College here in NYC. As the fearless leader of the course I need to lead by example and continue to share the regular practice of Digital Storytelling! Today was the perfect opportunity for me to weigh in.

A digital storyteller uses the Internet and its tools as a platform to share, teach, express and connect! An image, a video, a meme or a GIF can be used as a visual source of communication to support your sentiments and means of expression. Hyperlink to relevant spaces on the web to further communicate and share! This is only one example :))

Give us context and publish!

Most of all, have fun!

Wally Sutton’s Internet Art Making Creative Blogging Project

Wally Sutton’s Internet Art Making Creative Blogging Project.

Who is Wally Sutton and why is he here?

Simply put, Wally Sutton is a fictional character. He’s a Walrus, however, he doesn’t know that Walrus’s aren’t supposed to wear human clothing or sell things like motherboards and other computer hardware… That is what makes Wally, Wally. He is following his own path. Wally believes that his Dharma is to be the best computer hardware salesman of his time! Nothing will stop him, and you certainly wont get in his way. (See the animation above in the top left corner). Wally is also crazy about digital art, animation and personal development. He loves to help others through sharing his learning process and creative discoveries. Wally is blogger but clams up a bit about it when others ask him that question…He is working on that.

Wally is so aware of how his content reaches his audience that smoke literally comes out of his ears from thinking about it too much! He pays attention to how he is formatting and structuring his content in a way that is easy to access and follow (like, right here, in this blog post, ahem). He also wants his content to be shared easily as well. Wally has learned a lot about digital art, animation, blogging and storytelling from regular practicing. Not obsessively ten times per day, but in metrics of at least once or twice per week. Making static images move and learning new animation skills have enhanced Wally’s ability to further communicate and reach his community while also connecting with new like minded people and beyond. Wally understands that reaching out to others adds value to their lives and the experiences they will have. A lot of the new experiences Wally has had have happened as a result of having a blog and simply sharing what he was learning.

It kind of seems like Wally is actually writing this blog post…hmmm?

Of course Wally is a metaphor and a catalyst to get your creative juices flowing. A reminder to be the best at being who you are, and then give that part of you selflessly. Adding value to the lives of others creates trust. This is another metaphor. When you give selflessly to others outwardly, you are really teaching the universe that you trust yourself. ( Re-read that, and now go have some fun!)

Get creative and share your process with this assignment below!

Blogging Assignment –

Create a blog post(s) about a fictional character that communicates him/herself through blogging and the use of Internet tools. The character can be a representative for something that has meaning to you. (Yes, there can be more than more one thing.) Describe the character. What is he or she like? Kind hearted and compassionate? Mean and unsure? Happy and Sallow? A Lover? A Fighter? Get Descriptive and paint us a picture. What does a snippet of their day look like? You will surely need to create visuals for this illustration! Wally Sutton was passionate about Computer Hardware, Spirituality & Digital Art, Creativity & Animation.  He took a few creative “selfies” and created a series of animated portraits for this blog post. Sky is the limit. Feel free to use/reference this blog post as a visual example for content, structure and inspiration. Your First post will be used as result produced, we will make assessments and grow from the first iteration.

Assignment Submissions – Post your work to the blog!

PS – Hyperlinking = Value :)))

PS#2 – Questions? Reach out! –

Discovering Your Classmates Websites

During week #10 I asked each student to share their new website’s url in the comment section on this post

All 40 registered CT101 students have participated.  Now its time to explore and share our experiences by visiting some of the websites (below).

Part 1 – Select a few of the links below and explore! Discover and Participate! Leave a helpful comment on the site, make suggestions, share what you like and what successes you see! Perhaps you may want to share a helpful tutorial link or simply ask a fellow student if you can be a guest blogger on their website? Create a collaboration or a shared experience, sky is the limit! You can do this by commenting on the site or by sending a message via the site’s contact method.

Part 2 – Write a detailed blog post about your experience and publish it to your own website. Which websites did you visit? List them! Which ones stand out? Be sure to add some GIFs or images and video to support your reflections! Share your feedback!

Student websites :

My love for Astrophotography

It might look boring but the end results are extremely satisifying.  Astrophotography is truly a spiritual experience. I plan on camping out in the catskill area this summer to film a timelapse video of our galaxy and stars. I have already tried stargazing all night at Robert Moses state park  Star gazing. Who inspired me ? … Continue reading My love for Astrophotography

It might look boring but the end results are extremely satisifying.  Astrophotography is truly a spiritual experience. I plan on camping out in the catskill area this summer to film a timelapse video of our galaxy and stars. I have already tried stargazing all night at Robert Moses state park  Star gazing.

Who inspired me ?  Mark Gee.

Whats next for me?  I have lots of unedited footage that i am working on that i will post after i am with my finals. Trust me its very time consuming.

Some examples of astrophotography by mark gee:


Castlepoint is one of the most spectacular sites along the Wairarapa coastline. It’s located on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand, and is known for its fossil-rich limestone reef, lighthouse and magnificent 162 metre high Castle Rock. I headed out there recently on a perfectly clear night. The stars and Milky Way were shining ever so brightly above the coastal settlement, as the sweeping light of the lighthouse lit up the surrounding landscape. It was an amazing sight somewhat like a dream, which I will remember for a long time to come.


If i am successful i should have something like this


Visit my website by end of next month and i will have something posted.