The thing we call Social Media.

The social media I use are Facebook and Instagram . The way I use them are different, I use Facebook to keep up with old friends, especially people I knew in high school and family in different countries, while Instagram I use it to post current pictures, quotes and engage with different people and socialize. Both my Facebook and… Continue reading The thing we call Social Media.

Social Media- a way to publicly display your private thoughts

The social media networks I have an account for are Facebook, YouTube, G+, Twitter, and Instagram. Although I don’t really use any of them as much, Facebook may be the one I engage with most. I mainly use Facebook to connect and stay in touch with distant family members; it’s an easy way to stay… Continue reading Social Media- a way to publicly display your private thoughts


The social media accounts I use are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. (Those are my accounts) Instagram is my favorite. I use my Instagram account for posting pictures of myself and sometimes funny quotes. It is like my own selfie book. My Instagram page is public; I do not really get too personal on their. I… Continue reading INSTAGRAM IS LIFE.

Social Media Enthusiast

As I stated in my first Weekly Reflection, I am a huge social media junkie. I’m currently engaged in Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. And have been using each of these for a few years now. I use each of these accounts quite differently as they are all meant to be used in a… Continue reading Social Media Enthusiast

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