The thing we call Social Media.

The social media I use are Facebook and Instagram . The way I use them are different, I use Facebook to keep up with old friends, especially people I knew in high school and family in different countries, while Instagram I use it to post current pictures, quotes and engage with different people and socialize. Both my Facebook and Instagram are private just cause I know there are people out there that just wants to be nosy, so I rather have the power of deciding who’s friends request I accept especially on Facebook. With Instagram I don’t really care much of who follows me just cause its not really meant to have conversation, its more about posting what interests you while Facebook I’ve always been private with it and just mostly focus more on having people I know as my friends on it. When I was younger I never thought of social media being so bad but as I grew up I realize how dangerous it could get, reading Danah Boyd’s blog just prove my thinking more of how crazy social media can be.

Social Media- a way to publicly display your private thoughts

The social media networks I have an account for are Facebook, YouTube, G+, Twitter, and Instagram. Although I don’t really use any of them as much, Facebook may be the one I engage with most. I mainly use Facebook to connect and stay in touch with distant family members; it’s an easy way to stay updated on what’s going on with them. The only reason I made a YouTube account is because so many videos get flagged as mature (18 years and older) and I got tired of being restricted so I made a YouTube account just for that reason. Now that I have an account I use it to subscribe to different YouTube pages that I find interesting such as hair tutorials, or web series.

For G+ I mainly use the Google Drive I learned about last semester. Its way easier to save you files and documents that way then to carry around an actual flash drive. I recently stopped going on Instagram as frequently as I used to only because it has gotten boring, just like many of the other social media websites. However, I used it to post pictures of myself or things I found funny, such as memes. Twitter is the one account I was forced to make last semester for a class, so I never really used it.

My accounts on Facebook and Instagram are private. I’m not sure if my YouTube and G+ are private, however my Twitter is public only due to class purposes. I try to make every account I have private but I don’t upload any videos on YouTube and I am not exactly sure if YouTube or G+ has those types of privacy settings. After reading danah boyd’s blog post it hasn’t really changed my thinking about social media as much as it confirmed what I already have been thinking for the past 5 or so months. However, I will say that even though my Facebook is private, after reading like half way through her blog I logged into Facebook to update some of my settings. Especially the one about people being able to look you up on search engines. Since May of this year I have been seriously thinking about deleting most if not all of my social media accounts and/or using them only for business purposes anyway.

What’s on your mind?

The article on controlling your public appearance by danah boyd actually did inform me that creating a blog would be smarter if you would want to choose a type of social media. I would not only choose to do this because I am trying to give up social media, since we are hooked, but I do enjoy to voice my opinions and a blog would be a sort of way for people to meet me but not literally, if that makes sense. However I would not want my p.o.v’s to tamper with any future chances I may have due to a dislike of what I have to say. But if it is done right it should be okay, right? As I stated earlier I am trying to quit social media, because I do not particularly like that social media can make hours pass by and I have nothing to show for the time wasted, and also I do not want companies to think they know me by what I search when they don’t. Regardless I am a twitter fan and it is not private, because who creates a private twitter! I hate those people! I mostly use twitter to just state whatever is on my mind, and my sometimes ridiculous middle of the night thoughts. I also use Facebook, but mostly to connect with family and colleagues be it at school or work. I do have this private but for personal reasons. I know a few too many crazy people and Facebook creates creepers (creepy people). I do not need people peering into my personal life if I don’t know you/like you. I also have g+ because of work and I usually do not keep things private unless I feel that too many people have an unnecessary amount of access. Facebook is to easy to spy on people, whereas g+ and twitter is not what a lot of people (I know) my age have, so I feel good about making it public. But by far my favorite and the biggest waste of time is Pinterest, but gosh it’s like guilt-free shopping and free workout, diy’s, and cooking advice.


The social media accounts I use are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. (Those are my accounts)

Instagram is my favorite. I use my Instagram account for posting pictures of myself and sometimes funny quotes. It is like my own selfie book. My Instagram page is public; I do not really get too personal on their. I think I’m pretty enough for everyone to see my photos.

My twitter account is also public. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I use it a lot during award shows or the first episode of a new show. The people I follow are HILARIOUS, so I always have a good time on Twitter. I also use it to follow celebrities; see what they are up to. I love to tweet celebrities because mostly all of them respond back to me.
My Facebook account is private. Very Private. Only family and friends are accepted as Facebook friends. If I do not know you, if we do not attend the same school, if you are not in my class, please do not request me. You will FOREVER be in my friend requests. I hardly accept people. My Facebook page is very private because I have photos with friends and family.
Vine is a very fun app I have on my iPhone. It always makes me laugh, which is the main reason why I use it.

Danah Boyd’s post about social media does not change how I feel about it at all. When you post things on websites, it is neve deleted from the web. I can google my name and see photos I’ve taken in high school. You just have to be careful what you post, so you won’t be embarrassed in the long run.

Social Media Enthusiast

As I stated in my first Weekly Reflection, I am a huge social media junkie. I’m currently engaged in Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. And have been using each of these for a few years now.

I use each of these accounts quite differently as they are all meant to be used in a certain way. I share images, quotes and my own personal thoughts by blogging on Tumblr. I also use it as a communication tool when interacting with people around the world. Instagram is more of a space where I can share images and videos, that I’ve taken with my phone, with my friends and people I know personally. Twitter is strictly for little tidbits of my daily life that I feel comfortable sharing with whomever wants to see/read. I post the occasional mediocre picture on there, as well, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on my blog (Tumblr) or my image feed (Instagram/Flickr). Flickr is where I post personal images taken with my digital camera. I post them here because they are of higher quality and Flickr has a really nice website to display these pictures adequately, as opposed to Instagram’s small and primitive app/website. And YouTube is where I post videos that I have shot with my camera and edited on Windows Movie Maker.

All of these profiles are public except Instagram, which I do make private, from time to time, depending on how personal the images and videos become. By making my corners of the internet public, I’m able to connect with different types of people and share ideas and engage in creative/interesting conversations. I’d like to think that each social media website serves it’s purpose and it’s nice to be able to put a piece of you out in the internet for people to view and ultimately give feedback on.

After reading danah boyd’s “controlling your public appearance” my opinion on how I should portray myself on media sites has changed a bit. Every once and a while I will post something inappropriate on my blog but for some reason I never thought that it may come back to haunt me one day, so after reading this article, I will definitely start to make my blog more appropriate for general viewing in case I need to use it for school or future employment.