What if I miss a CT101 class?

OK, You missed a CT101 class. You know it, I know it, we all know it, what now though?

OK, Keep Calm, there are resources to help keep you on track!

I know, your first impulse is to e-mail me, Ryan, aka professor Seslow and ask, “what did I miss?” – Before you do that, please read below.

All of the information that you need to keep up with CT101 is always posted to and updated  on our class calendar right here!

It is crucial that you visit the calendar page every week! You will need to do this while you are present in class, but you will also need to do this outside of class as well. Our class structure is set up as a hybrid course. 2 hours of lab time in person, and 2 hours of working time outside of the lab. So, in essence, if you miss the in-class lab time you need to pay even more attention to the class calendar. If you miss a class lab session you are still responsible for publishing 1-2 blog posts each week.

Please don’t default to e-mailing me before reviewing the calendar (which is full of information about each class and what we will cover that particular week) It is my intention to get you regularly referring to the calendar and following the instructions there. (This format is a big part of our learning experience) It is my intention to get you thinking and practicing the process of solving problems using the tools of the web and relaying them into narratives as blog posts! Trust me, you will see results.

Need examples? Simply visit the home page of the class blog to see what your fellow classmates are posting. There are always an abundance of examples!

Current posts from your classmates will help paint a really clear picture and series of examples for you for you to follow and draw inspiration from. BUT, but you will need to spend some time there.

PS – Again, it is my intention to get you into a trouble shooting mind set. To set you off clicking on links and discovering new things. If you have a question about an assignment’s technical or creative details, don’t dismiss asking Google! For example, last we worked on making MEMEs, and the Internet is full of tons of MeMe generators and tutorials on how to make them. The Internet is your co-pilot, ask questions and record your process.

Get Savvy, and share your process! Missing a class is actually great blog post content because you can write about how you resolved and figured out the current assignment you missed in class. Everyones unique contributions are important.

Of course you can always e-mail me for help and I am here, but lets compare where you are at rather than simply asking, “what did I  miss”?


Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity

(click the images above to enlarge)

Last semester in our Digital Storytelling class we played with the idea of non traditional image-making and multiplying ourselves into a single image frame. (No photoshop required, but it helps later on) By using the panoramic feature of our smart phones we created two examples above to show the potentials of the project by using our immediate surrounding in this case, the hallway outside our classroom and the class. 🙂

The top image is a traditional class portrait. Its a long stretched frame that bends itself in an overly extended way. The light source is coming from behind the photographer giving off a great amount of natural bright light. The bottom image is the opposite and we see how the bright light from the windows serves as back-lighting when the photographer is behind the light source shooting the image directly at it. The light places an emphasis on the absence of that light and creates a shadow effect of the students in their composition. We talked about how lighting can add this effect and extend a narrative.

Lets try again with our class! But how can we push the idea further? Should we collaborate as a group or work in smaller groups? Will other objects be added to the potentials of the project? 

So, how is this image created, especially the top one above?

  1. Open your smart phones camera and set it to panoramic mode.
  2. Arrange your subject(s) in one area to the left side of the photographer. Give a good amount of distance between the photographer and the subject(s). The subject(s) need to hold still as the photographer begins to move the camera past them until they are out of the view finders frame.
  3. Once the subjects are out of the viewfinders frame the photographer stops the motion of the camera and holds it in place. The subjects then move behind the photographer and slowly gather themselves back into a new pose or position on the right side of the photographer.
  4. The photographer continues to move the camera past the subjects until they fit into the composition.

What will you do with this new technique?

How will you use it to tell a story in one frame using the same subjects/objects? What kind of situation or narrative can you create?

Create a new blog post that tells a multiplicity story in one panoramic image frame, the potentials are endless! Perhaps your story is fictional? Perhaps your story is a How-To tutorial about your process? What will you do?

Assignment #1:What is making me happy

There are not a lot of people, that can speak the truth about the world we live in today. Artist much like Childish Gambino sings the given elements of what people see before their eyes. Like the political and injustice social environment that has kept our views, rights, and freedom is hidden away.

What makes me happy about this song is that not only is Childish Gambino showing what is happening in most neighborhoods, schools and etc, but he is performing a perfect example of how the past chain of events can influence my future in the 21st-century modern-day life. It has me thinking about my life and what sort of impact can I leave the world thinking about.

The last record part, where Gambino is running away from those events shows me and which bares the question (What can I change or what can we do?) by simply turning or running away from the reality that is our world. It does not really matter, what race, gender, and ethnicity we come from. If believing in something gives you strength then use it to make a difference.


What is making me happy on internet?

Music! Ever get that good vibe when listening to certain music genre(s)? I listen to a lot of electronic music almost everyday, while doing homework, browsing on the web, gaming, watching streams..etc. Electronic music has been my favorite for these past few years because it has catchy beats and gives yo an upbeat mood. This is what makes me feel happy. Here are two of my favorite ones!