I Will Miss You All

As our time together in CT101 is almost coming to a close, I just wanted to say it was really fun reading all your blogs, and creating a few of my own. this expiration has been a welcoming challenge. and it gives new meaning to creativity in a very different medium. If any of you are reading this let me take the time to also plug myself, please come follow my other blog http://theghettocorp.com
It has more posts on movies and video games. I also have a tumblr account which I have been posting in since 2010. Its mostly for humor so if you want to have a good laugh please come and take a look. http://thekingofqueens.tumblr.com/
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I would finally like to thank my professor and my dear classmates for this wonderful journey we have been through, and wish you all a happy holiday!
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The Kim Kardashian Cry ;-(



My self-assessment has me feeling very disappointed in myself. My school load is super heavy (thanks to family issues and procrastination). I have so much to catch up on. Every time I make a goal to complete my work, it NEVER gets accomplished on time. I feel good about my posts I’ve done so far. I never know we have a post due, until days or maybe a week after it is due. I need to pay attention and catch up ! I have so much homework to do; thinking about it makes me want to CRYYY!!