The end is nigh…

If you know what game title I’m referencing, pat yourselves on the back (hint: this logo)

anyway, the title is more than just a reference. It’s true; the end of the semester has finally arrived. And with that comes the last leg of the digital storytelling race! (not that any of us were racing to begin with…


now, I can say with the confident of confidence (if that makes sense) that this class was THE BOMB! Oh my gosh, there were so many things I learned about, like making gif’s and adding sound effects to videos and clips (the proper term eludes me at the moment). And Professor Smith, well…

Never had I known that most college professors could be so charismatic and amazing when it comes to teaching things. And then, Professor Smith just does what he does, and you are left in a great mood after that. Again professor Smith is the real MVP.

But I’ve been talking so much about the class and professor; I think I should speak on my plans for my site. And, well, I’m going to archive it.

I have a few reasons why:

  1. It’s hard to figure out what games I should review for on my site, since I haven’t played many popular titles and I don’t want to sound like a total nerd explaining games I’ve played that nobody has heard of. There are so many vgm’s that I could post about, but the site is supposed to be for both vgm’s and games, so it would be ridiculous posting things pertaining to one and not the other.
  2. It doesn’t provoke too much curiosity. I mean, the way that I named the site, it’s not like anyone would mistakenly type “vgmp3” or something and my site link would instantly pop up. Plus, I made a survey last month so that people could vote for a game, but only like 4 or 5 people voted, and I had to ask some of my friends if they could chip in just so the poll wouldn’t look embarrassing.
  3. I know that this will sound like a petty excuse, but I’m honestly the kind of person whose priorities run wild when something comes up (i.e a project from another class). And I’m a computer science major, so if it came down to finishing that or a post, I may laze for a bit, but I will try to get the CS work done first. It’s still may seem ridiculous since we can post at any time, but I’d prefer to post on a schedule.

That said, really loved the class, Professor Smith is amazing, and I’m going to post my last post on my site before I archive it.

When I finally graduate from college



This gif can be used to express the joys one might have when they are  hyped about something. In my case that something is graduating from college. Im excited to get out of Cuny x__x.

How may one use this in a textual  context? Im glad you asked

friend: so steve when you graduating?

me: next semester

friend: i know you’re hyped

me: hell yeaaaaaaa steve-finall-4


friend: lol lol lol

friend: how did you make that? lol

me: i have my sources buahaha 

friend: where did you make this?

me: ct 101 

friend: bored much?

me: nawwwwwwwww steve-finall-4