First Gif: If you think your day was bad

So today I created my first gif i ended up using screenshots of a video. The reason i did this was because for some reason to be able to use videos on gimp you have to download a whole other plug-in call gimp-gap which is really a pain. So to make it easier and not waste so much time on doing this used screen shots from parts of the video that I needed. So in this gif it shows a girl actually falling into a sinkhole. Which pretty much ruins anyone’s day, so next time something small happens and you think you’re day is bad just think at least you haven’t fallen into a sink hole.


CT Game Plan

This semester is going to be filled with excitement! For my CT class, there are plenty of assignments that I am interested in. Today I am completing a blog for my 2nd week reflection. I would like to complete all- if not, most of my assignments for this class. Such as, Blogging, DS106 assignments, Photoshop, commenting, our Weekly Reflection and more. But for now I want to keep up with each assignment that is given weekly. Two assignments I am really looking forward to completing are Digital story telling and event organizer, because I can create anything that comes to my mind. For example, if I wanted to create a digital story about what I do when I first wake up, all you will hear are sounds of waking up, getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, taking a shower and dashing out the door to get to school on time for CT101! I can also create and host my own event(s) online and invite others to join! I think these two are linked perfectly because, they are great ways to create and share my very own media ideas through image, sound and video. The reason I chose these assignments is for its audio and video presentations.

My opinion as to why we are allowed to choose our assignments is for us to experiment and enhance our knowledge on networking. I actually like that idea because I can basically post anything that inspires me and hear others opinion and critiques. You normally don’t find that in regular classes such as Eng126 and Stat111. There are tons of media open to us all and we can either build our own or enhance some else’s. The main thing is we have a choice, that no where else will offer.

I don’t really have a specific time for completing my assignments however, I don’t want to rush it. I haven’t yet considered that I may not receive full points for each assignment but, I believe the more I get into them and put more time and effort into completing them, I will progress better and better each time.

Here is a GIF I found online but I am going to definitely learn how create my own. So thumbs up!