This is What’s Making Me Happy

On July 3rd 2019, Halle Bailey was casted as Ariel for the live action The Little Mermaid ! Halle Bailey and her sister Chloe Bailey started off as Queen Beys’s proteges after being discovered by their singing covers on YouTube. Now they are actresses/singers starring in shows like Grown-ish and they even wrote the theme song for the show! When Halle Bailey was officially announced as Ariel in the upcoming live action Disney movie The Little Mermaid I was thrilled!

(That’s her in the black shirt!)

I was so thrilled not only because I am totally in love and obsessed with Disney, But also because Halle is so talented and the little black girl in me is internally happy dancing!

As a child I’ve always loved Disney and all its movies, shows, and Disney World is still my favorite place to go to on vacation. I would dream of being one of the princesses that work at Disney, but before Princess Tiana all of the princesses were white. I thought I would never be a princess because I wasn’t white. I always wanted a princess that looked like me. That’s why I think Halle Bailey being Ariel gave me so much joy because representation in the media matters so much, other little black girls need to feel like princesses too. I have no doubt in my mind that Halle will be a wonderful Ariel and I will be first in line to watch The Little Mermaid.