Frida Gif

My FIRST Gif Project I decided to photoshop of Frida Kahlo. Her life story inspires through her artwork. I found this photo of her to be very symbolic for her pure demeanor .I changed the background a hot pink which makes the image pop. Behind Frida I blurred her after duplicating the background layer. I… Continue reading Frida Gif

A new Drawing :D

My New Drawing I did of Human Kiwi. My weakness is coloring in but I tried my best and I think it came out pretty well. My only problem now is finding the right brush but I can’t find the solution to that problem currently so oh well~~

STEROIDS!! The Hidden Enemy!!

  “IF WHAT IN THIS PHOTO IS YOUR GOAL!! PLEASE READ THE REST”   INTRODUCTION: Since my professor asked the class to do the second assignments and to be a creative, I thought of something that I really want to share with people, thing that will benefit us. I was looking through Google, and I found… Continue reading STEROIDS!! The Hidden Enemy!!

CT101 Digital Storytelling