What is making me happy on the internet

What is making me happy on the internet right now is Memes. I really like memes they are funny after all, Who doesn’t  need a laugh  right?

We all know that the internet will be forever undefeated not even Floyd Mayweather stand a chance.

Above is the latest meme that is going around it’s pretty funny. Something is said and then you end it with “Ight imma head out”.

Anyways Spongebob is a whole meme in itself. like the i’m Patrick meme.

Drake is always a meme this is a pretty funny gif thats why I put it here. I could actually hear this gif.

Also i’m also interested in anime I like anime they got really interesting story lines. I am not like a hardcore anime fan or an Outaku but I’ve watched a fair share of them.

Well, this is what is making me happy on the internet.

Death Note

Death Note is one of the most popular anime out there. It follows a detective named L and his pursuit to catch a killer who kills the guilty by writing their names down on a notebook. The killer named Light sees this as a act of justice, why should bad people have to go on living? If they die not only can he bring justice to the world he can also show others as an example that those who try to commit crime will pay for their lives dearly! Of course this makes him judge jury and executioner. That is why L and the police force are after him. L and Light are two sides to a coin they are insanely brilliant, and it really makes you wonder where your moral standing lies.
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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is like the father of anime, and rightfully so its the first show here in the US to start the manga craze. It follows an alien named Goku from when he was young and his misadventures all the way to his adult life. This way we build a special connection with the character from day one… and just in time too because things really take a turn for the extreme because new alien villains come that have the power to destroy planets with a single beam from their hands, and yes they can summons beams from their hands. This in turn makes the fights more Godly and raises the stakes as two superhuman powerhouses fight to the death. The visual and artistitic style of the show is wonderful as well. And it was amazing from start to finish.


Naruto is Over

After 15 years Naruto has recently ended and im left with a mixed bag of emotions. When Naruto first came out the story was just about a young little boy and a dream of becoming a hokage (leader) if his town. This dream took him through perilous journey from being the worst ninja in his village to becoming the very best> The show taught us about facing all odds and never giving up. It taught us betrayal and heartbreak and many life lessons of hatred and justice and how they are interconnected. Naruto you will be missed!
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