When you realize that you weren’t accepted for the job

Well, lately I’ve been trying to search for an student job here at the campus and so far it has been a fail for me. at first, I assumed the fact that finding work in your college was easier than finding one outside of college. Honestly, I felt that my latest experience would have made the interviewer interested to give the position to me instead of everyone else. Also, the job list said that no experience was necessary! Well, I always believe that hope always exists on my side. So here is my GIF  from the DS106 Animated GIF repository.


Best Sports Play!

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Initially, I had a little difficulty inserting this GIF, but after relentless attempts, I finally got it. This is one of the Best Sports Plays of the year in my opinion.

Steph Curry had a great season this year, and this particular play was epic and memorable. I mean, who can shoot a three pointer like that? Well, other than Ray Allen, of course! In this Western conference semi-finals game between the LA Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, in the third quarter attempts a risky shot and makes it!  As you can see, Curry crosses over, flips the ball behind him, almost loses it, gets it back, then splits two defenders, takes one step back, majestically rises to the peak of his jump, and fires nothing but net! SWOOSH!!

Animals Doing Funny Things: Funny Dog Workout!

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Hey, dogs need their exercise too! And don’t you forget it!

This is hilarious! Some of us humans should take a page out of their books!!!

#Fitness first, #Good health is not limited to us humans, #I wonder how long these dogs lasted on the treadmill?

From the ds106 assignment GIF repository the Animals doing funny things assignment.

Guilty Denver

Guilty Denver

This is my all time favorite guilty dog face. LOL! The dog name is Denver.

You know when people get baby fever? Well I have dog fever and for the past 3 months I’ve been watching videos of dogs doing ridiculous things. I just find it so fascinating and hilarious when dogs do human things or even comprehend when their human is giving them the guilty treatment.

I got my inspiration from DS106 assignment repository.

Here’s the original video: