Pet Humor

Having a pet can be a great experience. They become members of the family. They love you as much as you love them. They play with you, protect you, and even make you laugh sometimes. I came across an assignment on Ds106 site, and it was to make a funny animal GIF. I saw these funny animal videos on Youtube and created a GIF from each video.  The first one I created was of a cat wearing googly eyes. The second one was of a dog who fell asleep in weird position.

These GIFs still make me laugh. What y’all think?Is it funny?

Eastwood Ain’t Having None of the That Yandere Simulator Glitch!

Found this assignment in the DS106 Animated GIF Assignment page. The example given made me chuckle a bit as well. Here’s my work using the provided GIF and a video from the developer of Yandere Simulator showing an interesting bug. As of about two weeks ago, this bug has been fixed, but the video is still a bit funny.


ds 106 Assignment

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Maybe I don’t have the best idea of what’s funny but i find dancing dogs absolutely hilarious! When i saw the assignment “Animals Doing Funny Things” I knew I just had to create my own GIF of something. I found a lot of funny compilation videos but I think this particular scene was too good for me to pass up. I think what made it even funnier was the fact that I was listening to a music when I happened to come across this dancing dog and he just so happened to be dancing to the beat of the song I was listening to. Animals do the funniest things and I know I won’t be getting tired of this GIF anytime soon. Here is the link to the assignment.

And here is the link to the original video for anyone in the mood for a couple laughs:

GIF the Weather, Man!!

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I am posting this blog in response to the GIF the Weather, Man assignment on the DS106 website. Soon and very soon It will be this time again. As a child, I used to love the snow. I thought it was pure and cool, and fun to play in. Now, I dread it! Walking in it is annoying and shoveling it is even worse. Talk about the back pains that accompany this tedious task! By the way, does anyone else ever wonder why it doesn’t snow on Christmas? In every movie, commercial, music video, and even in books, snow is seen all throughout the land on Christmas eve and day. So why isn’t this a reality? I can’t say it’s never happened before, but it certainly hasn’t happened within the last few years. Well, not in New York, at least. I must admit however, watching the snow as it falls, is still a sight to see!


Random fact: Did you know that no snowflake is the same? Wow God is amazing! He is ingenious! Who else could do that?

Here’s the youtube video I made this gif from:




GIF For a Reason

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This happens to be one of my favorite scenes from the epic movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Marv and Harry of the Sticky Bandits failed to withstand the cunning wit of Kevin McCallister. For every trap and snare they had, Kevin had a booby trap set up in place to capture them. I posted this GIF because of the nostalgia. Every Christmas I used to watch this movie, and even though I knew the ending, I would get scared for Kevin every time. Generally, the whole movie is hilarious, and I consider it to be a classic! I’m sure you probably think so too!