Animated Graffiti – Basics of PS selections and cloning

After some discussion in class it appeared people were most interested in learning some of the basics of Photoshop and using it to create an animated GIF. This tutorial runs through a number of processes that were inspired by this GIF I made of a Bortusk Leer piece of grafitti a few years back.


I’m not quite done with the new one, but more soon. And here’s another PS tutorial post from last semester that is inspired by the work of TraceLoops.

OK CT 101-Lets get into Formation! What made me happy this week!

King Bey!!!

I am actually happy I waited to do this post. The one and only Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter broke the internet Saturday when she released her song and video for Formation. Below is a Gif I made using imgur and a clip from her video.Pretty much my reaction once I saw the video


But Ms. Carter wasn’t finished there she went a performed the song at the half time show alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars.









*sidenote* Milly Rock is a dance that was started in Brooklyn (Jay Z Beyonce’s husband is from Brooklyn*

But Wait Key Bey..Lets get this straight:

  1. You released a new song and video
  2. You performed it a superbowl and slayed but she wasn’t finished….what else could King Bey do..drum roll please

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She announces her world tour!!!!!


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Yes King Bey!!!! Thank you for making my week, month, year. I will see you June 7th at CitiField 🙂


Then the internet World went crazy with memes:


beyonce-spikes-red-lobster-sales__oPt download

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Site is up. My thoughts going forward.

Ok, so I made my website. I’m feeling kind of frazzled, to be honest. This whole business of keeping up a website, though kind of lenient, seems to be a difficult thing to balance between my other work. Now, it may just be me, but it is a factor to consider. Still, it would be a waste to not give it a try.

That’s the spir- Er, you got this.


Anyway, I can’t to start making posts to my site and give it some flare.

is that weird of me to say? Ah, who cares?

P.s website: click here