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Below is an evolving list of links to interesting sites and stories that have a connection to this course’s investigation of digital storytelling and web culture. Also, we’ve started adding some tutorials from MBS’s Youtube channel. If you have a link to something interesting you’d like to share please submit it in the comments!


PBS Off Book Video Series – Short films covering a variety of topics related to web based culture and digital creations. Favorites include the Animated GIFs: The Birth of a MediumAre Emoticons the Future of Language?,What’s The Deal With Internet Comedy, and Are YouTubers Revolutionizing Entertainment?

Upvoted by Reddit – A weekly podcast dedicated to unique storylines behind the web culture of Reddit and what happens when something ‘goes viral.’ Two particular favorites are The Story of Destorm Power and The Story of youngluck.

Web Culture and Commentary

Waxy Links – Andy Baio (Kind of Screwed guy) regularly updates a page on his site of interesting links to stories, digital tools, and more that relate to web and remix culture.

Prof. MBS’s Diigo Library – MBS regularly bookmarks sites of interest that typically relate to digital archives, animated GIF creation, sites related to design and digital storytelling and more.

Avatars, rubber hands, virtual reality, and racism

The invasion boards that set out to ruin lives

How imageboard culture shaped Gamergate
How Unidan went from being Reddit’s most beloved user to its most disgraced
Digital Communities in Action: Reddit and the Unidan Ban


From MBS Youtube Channel

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  1. Backward/forward trying to make sense of this medium can be intimidating. I am on social media but not as content provider. learn how to create gifs, memes is blowing my gaskets. #sos

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